Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dear Chili's

Dear Chili's,

On a typical nite when we pile into our Jeep to go and eat at your establishment I am excited. Last nite was no exception. It was our anniversary and after much thought we decided that you would be THE restaurant of choice.

Plus your Presidente Margaritas are great.

But back to the point. When we got seated we received no menus. That was fine until we sat. And sat. And sat. Finally our waitress came over to take our drink order. She noticed there were no menus. After promising to bring menus, she failed to bring them.

Soon a manager walking through saw that we had nothing. He promised to bring the menus. Well, he sent the host to "drop" off our menus. Not only did we get menus, silverware and some crayons, but we got a nice dose of attitude.

Wow, who knew getting a menu would be so traumatic for the host?

After getting our drinks we sat for awhile longer. Long enough for our daughter to throw stuff on the floor, have mini meltdowns and be done with her snack. For her to be done with a snack is next to impossible--she's RARELY done with a snack.

Ya took that long.

Fast forward to meal time. I cut my sandwich in half. When I pick up the 2nd half it feels odd. I turn my sandwich over to investigate. I have no 2nd half of a bun.

The nite just keeps getting better.

After requesting my missing bun plus a glass of water, I get the bun. But no water.

After ordering dessert and a glass of water, I get the dessert. But no water.

While waiting for my water (which was apparently MIA) we began to eat our favorite dessert. Too bad we couldn't cut through most of the cookie. Seems like that, too, was not right.

Thanks for the extended two hour stay. Although I am sad to admit, it wasn't a good one.

One tired, thirsty customer


Carol said...

I love Chilli's but we don't have the chain here. Boo on them for treating you so badly.

I shall continue by boycott (unvoluntarily though it is) of their establishments.

Jenny said...

Too Funny! I have boycotted mine as well, we have never had great service at ours.
Like you though, I am a lover of their margaritas. What a shame!

Kristi said...

You should cut and paste exactly what you just wrote to their website (if they have a section for comments) and maybe they will give you a free meal or something! (just get it to-go this time so you don't have to worry about crappy service!)

Love you!

Krystyn said...

We went to Chili's last night, too...but our service was much better!

I sure hope you called and complained. And if the store wouldn't help out, call the regional office. There is no need for that crap!!

The White House said...

oh, that makes me super grumpy for you! Sorry that you got such bad service. Congrats on winning Leigh's cute little summer mouse though!!!

Shannon said...

I agree with Kristi - send that directly to their management. Often you will get a coupon or free meal or something. Send it to someone way up high who is "important"!! Too bad you didn't have a better time, it sucks to pay for something that is less than perfect.

Darleen said...

i too love the margaritas! Some of the very best in town! But as of late, sorely lacking in the customer service department. But also sorry to report, it seems to be the trend eVERYWHERE! I hope that you left a most excellent tip: "don't eat yellow snow"

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so excited another blogger from MS! I am in Madison-
and your blog is one of the cutest I've ever seen! You will be getting added to the Drama Pond blogroll- come back soon!

Carrie said...

I worked at Chili's for over a year and would get frustrated beyond belief when my co-workers and management would be no help when things went wrong. Sorry things sucked!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

man what a bummer!

Susan said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
Oddly enough, I too have had that same experience more than once at Chili's. We don't go there anymore because of it. It is really a shame how so many chains can't seem to get something as simple as customer service right.

Kelli said...

Ahhhh! That is so frustrating. Don't people know when you take little kids anywhere, they are like little ticking time bombs! There's no time to waste, people. We need menus, we need drinks, we need food, we need to leave. No time to dilly dally... So sorry you had a bad experience. Hope your weekend is better!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

We had a poor experience at Applebee's a few months ago. I sent a simple, to the point email to their customer service department. I received a call from the rep and he sent me $25 dollars in coupons to make up for it.

Sorry you had such a thirsty, bunless, weird dessert -y night! :)