Sunday, July 13, 2008

You Can Take it Back Now...

It's happened.

Here is how the end of my youth officially ended.

Me: You couldn't have possibly found that on my head...

Leo: (laughing)

Me: Stop playing around, Leo!

Leo: (still laughing)

Me: OUCH!!

Leo: See? I told you that you had a white hair! *Dangles hair in front of my face*

So that, my friends, is how this 29 year old realized she was no longer a lucky 29 year old who only highlighted her hair for pleasure.

It has now become a full-time job to keep those suckers hidden.


Jill and Rick said...

Oh LOL, welcome to the club honey!!! (It's not that bad!)

Love you,


Kristen said...

Oh no!!

Don't feel too bad. I am right there with you honey. Seriously, I found a grey hair in the BACK of my head.

That is when it is officially time to freak out

Krystyn said...

Oh, that's so not cool! Bad Leo.

Shannon said...

Feeling your pain, but I'm afraid it's more than one for me. Seems like sometimes the first baby starts a trend, I had a few with my first, then more with the second, and now after just having my third baby . . . I must be totally white :-(

amanda said...

raises glass...

here's to your long lost youth friend!

tee hee :)

Jenny said...

hey chelle...
i to have found one, it was after Will was born. IT FREAKED ME OUT!!

So I am right there with you girl! blog name...we wanted something different. i think soon to, I am going to change the look of the blog.

happy monday!!