Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Daisy Dazed

So, you know how we got a cocker spaniel puppy named Daisy, right? (Once we charge up our camera again I'll be taking lots of pictures).

She's a cute, fun loving, carefree, rambuctious little thing.

Have I mentioned a handful? Because she is! I feel like I have a toddler running around here!

Anyway, today we all went to Wal-Mart for some things that we needed. We put Daisy in her crate--which is all cloth with mesh little doggie windows and a mesh zipper door. Off we went for a quick trip not even thinking twice about putting her in there to run a quick errand.
Imagine my surprise when we returned and a tan furball came running up to me like a little tornado! SHE ESCAPED!!!! FROM HER CRATE!! She somehow figured out how to unzip the crate and have a blast while we were away. A few of Bella's toys were in the living room and she had an accident on the floor, but no real damage. (Thank goodness!)

I have a feeling we have one smart puppy on our hands.


Kristi said...

That sounds just like the time that we had Oscar confined down a hallway secured by a baby gate (he was only 8 weeks old). When I got home from work and went into the hallway he was nowhere in sight. So there I am standing in the hallway that HE was supposed to be in and he comes running up to greet me on the OTHER side of the gate...and very proud of himself for somehow escaping. You are going to have your hands full just like we do with Oscar! LOL

Jenny said...

that is too funny! when our little ella, well big now but when she was a puppy, we crate trained her tell she was about one and then we let her loose. she had a field day to say the least! chewing up bose speaker wires, books. she just wanted our attention. when they are so cute it hard to get mad at them! :)

Jill and Rick said...

Ohh Noooo!!! LOL, you may have to try a wire crate!