Sunday, September 19, 2010

Between the Lions {A Review}

Can you believe when we first moved into our home that our satellite provider didn't offer local channels? That also meant that we didn't have PBS Kids. We switched satellite providers recently and we now have local channels! I am so ecstatic that my girls can watch PBS Kids. Their shows are full of learning yet they make it fun which makes both my girls and me happy.

between the lions

Image credit: ©WGBH/Sirius Thinking

One of my girls' favorite shows is Between the Lions. Have you or your child(ren) seen this show? We love it in our house! The song is catchy, the characters are lovable and what is more the show teaches children about reading and letters. It's a win-win situation for my entire family.

Between the Lions is an award winning series that fosters the importance of reading and focuses their shows on ensuring that the children who watch it will grow up to be readers. They make reading fun (which I believe!) while teaching our children about letters and reading. The characters demonstrate on how to say words, what letters they are focusing on and the sounds that certain letters make.

Isabella has learned the letters of the alphabet as well as she recognizes letters now! I am thrilled that she is learning about reading and writing--as an avid reader and someone who loves reading this makes me happy to no end. I hope to teach both of my girls the importance of reading and that is indeed a fun thing to do.

I was provided with a sample DVD in order to write this review. No other compensation was given and all opinions above are based on my own experience.

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