Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thank God it's Thursday...Wait, Is Today Thursday?!

I feel like I am in a zombie like trance right now. It has been a, well, let me just say that this week was full of adventures. Not all good, not all bad--but still, for our first week alone it has been a little on the hectic side.

Since I am such a big fan of all thing bulletized, let me break down my week for you:

  • Maddie is now a walker 80% of the time. Holy baby is walking?!
  • Maddie also caught some nasty cold complete with runny nose, cough, fever. Good times.
  • Said cold got passed onto Isabella. More good times. 
  • Macy, our puppy/giant dog, chewed up my laptop cord.
  • Spent an extra $200 yesterday for new laptop cord and a huge dog crate. Even more good times.
  • Maddie slammed her finger in a drawer. My poor babe!
  • Isabella ran away from me at Wal-Mart enforcing me to play an oh-so-lovely game of get your butt over here this really my life now?
  • Lost a few pounds
  • Made a loaf of banana bread
  • Made a pot of tortilla soup
  • Haven't had a second to read a blog or really write any blog posts that were personal
  • Got my new laptop cord home from Best Buy only to find that the cord was frayed which meant yet another trip to Best Buy. With both girls in tow. Thankfully they behaved...
  • Maddie woke me up yesterday morning covered in puke. Two baths and shampoos later she still smells slightly throw up like. 
  • I didn't win the photo contest. Looks like I'll be doing cute pictures for Leo from us girls--that's okay, though, because I love doing photos of my girls.

I am sure there  are things that are missing from that list...but as an end note to this list of a post, I am exhausted. Tired. And so ready for us girls to get in our groove alone. We miss Leo SO much--and I'm happy that after much traveling he is settled into his new "home" and has already started work.

Love y'all...and I hope to get in some post reading soon...I am having withdrawals!


Erin said...

When it rains, it pours doesn't it? Just take it one day at a time girlie.

Anonymous said...

whew I am tired just reading that post!! So many things I don't even know which to comment on! Woah a walker! boo for colds and boo boos! Silly puppy! yay for loss of pounds :-) yum banana bread and tortilla soup! boo for puke.. I hope she is feeling okay! Glad Leo is settled!

Kmama said...

What a week!! Sorry honey! I hate when the kids sound like puke. Hate it.

Congrats on the weight loss!

Erinsgobragh said...

Gosh I never imagined how much a child can drain you till mine came. I love her with all my heart and soul but this little 10 pound baby exhausts me to no end taking care of her for 14 hours a day alone. I can only image what taking care of 2 is like! Your are way too awesome woman! Do you realize how strong you are to do this! I bow before you!

Love from Sam and me!

Krystyn said...

Here's to a fabulous Friday. And, some yummy tortilla soup. You might have to share the recipe...I love tortilla soup.

Amanda said...

I think the bulletized breakdown list of the week should be a must every week. Imagine the things we'd remember :)

{{{HUGS}}} you've been in my thoughts all week. If I were there I'd do your girls' pictures for free! I can't believe you didn't win :(

→Daniele← said...

What a week! Next week can only be better mama!