Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sometimes? LIFE Happens...

A big topic in my household in the past has been life insurance. Due to Leo being in the military he has the option of purchasing life insurance for himself--which he opted to do. The person that we discuss a lot is me. I need to look into purchasing life insurance on myself in case of anything unfortunate happening.

When I first became a stay at home mom I would wonder why I would even need life insurance? I mean, I don't get paid for my daily duties as a mom, so why would I need to consider buying life insurance?

The answer is easy--I do a lot around the house. I am the childcare provider, the one who is home in case the girls are sick, the lawn mower, the house cleaner, the chef--I do it all. Well, when Leo is home he does help out a lot, but right now I am doing it all--and it's exhausting! If anything were to happen to me Leo would need to start finding someone to cover in the area that I was providing.

September is Life Insurance Month--were you aware of that? I know that I wasn't. Right now the LIFE Foundation has created a Facebook app called "What Matters Most to Me". With this app you can easily create a slideshow which will show others what matters most to YOU. Is it your children? Your spouse? Parents? A pet? Your home? It can be anything!

Go and check out the LIFE Happens Facebook page--and it may just show you how important it is to have a plan in case the unfortunate were to happen. Also--if you create the slideshow by September 30 you will be eligible to win a trip to Aruba!

I was not compensated for this post. I am eligible to win a gift card from Mom Select for writing it.


Kel said...

What an important topic and one that I have unfortunately procrastinated in doing. My husband also has military life insurance, but for some reason we have put off buying it for myself. I need to get on that!

Joy said...

When I worked in education I had my own policy and then when I decided to stay home I of course didn't have one. When it was time to renew my husband's policy through work, he took out insurance on me. At first, I had questioned him on it. Why would I need it but like you pointed out we do A LOT for our family and to find someone to care for our children and care for our house would not come cheap. This is such an important thing to bring to people's attention.

Amanda said...

This is something that I've procrastinated a lot on... and I shouldn't!

Did you know that we should have life insurance not only on ourselves, but our children as well?

Imagine a working mom loses her child ~ the funeral costs on top of grieving... could you imagine having to go back to work because you can't afford to stay home and grieve???

A goal of mine early 2011 is to get life insurance on my entire family.