Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Few Early Gift Ideas...

Leo is one of the hardest people to buy for when a gift giving opportunity arises. The guy has so many neat things that I have begun to run out of creative ideas. Until now. He loves grilling out and it hit me--why not look around at some great BBQ sets? That is a win-win situation for us all. He can have fun with an awesome manly BBQ set and then the girls and I can eat his delicious masterpieces!


I know that if you were to ask Leo if I was easy to buy for or difficult, he would choose difficult--there is no doubt about it. I have to argue with that as there are lots of things on my wish list. To go along with Leo's outdoor BBQ set theme I wouldn't mind him searching for picnic baskets for myself.

Picnic Basket

I have told him for so long that I think having a picnic basket to take on a date with just the two of us would be so romantic and fun. There are so many gorgeous places where we live that I think to myself having a picnic basket would be awesome. We could put in some fresh fruits, a bottle of nice wine...relaxing and a great way for us to just hang out with the two of us.

Then I start thinking that maybe we should browse around and look at the different picnic backpacks would be a better solution for our family. As nice as a romantic picnic for two sounds, right now I don't see that in our future--especially with our newest member of the family due in early May! I better start browsing and searching for our perfect family picnic backpack--and I'm sure the girls would get a total kick out of it.

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Erin said...

I got my hubs a BBQ set for his last birthday and he loves it. I splurged on Cutco b/c it has a lifetime guarantee and there are no wooden handles to get all yucky. he can even leave the stuff outside and it won't get ruined....

good ideas! i like the picnic basket idea, too---esp. when the weather is nice!

Mom2three said...

I'm the griller in our family, but I love the picnic basket. It really looks sturdy and holds a lot. Actually, I was just stopping by to see how you're doing and holding up this week. I wish I lived closer so I could bring you a meal or watch your kids so you could have a break. How are you feeling? Thinking of you this week. I hope things have smoothed out with Isabella and scratching. I had a lovely biter when he was little.