Friday, September 3, 2010

Curious George Season 5 Premiere

Did you read Curious George when you were younger? I know that I did and I have always had a soft spot in my heart for that adorable little monkey. A little mischievous and really sweet, I adore Curious George!

Both of my girls adore Curious George--I love that they are in love with the same cuddly monkey that I was when I was younger. They watch it on PBS Kids and I can trust that they are watching a television show that I approve of.

We were sent the Season 5 season premiere of Curious George to get a sneak peek on what will airing across the country on Monday September 6th. The girls LOVED it! 


The girls got to watch "George and Marco Sound it Out" and "A Monkey's Duckling". They have watched the DVD two times already today. Isabella was dancing, Madelyn was happy. It was a peaceful morning over here for us and I loved it.

***Catch the Curious George Season 5 Premiere!***

You  can watch the Season 5 premiere of Curious George on Monday, September 6th. It airs on PBS Kids.

If you are unsure of what time Curious George plays in your area you can go to the PBS Kids website for your local listing.

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Clare said...

we watched this the other morning!! very cute!