Monday, February 4, 2008

Baby Cereal, Bottles and Sweet Potatoes-Oh My!

What a beautiful day it was! Sunny, warm and a nice breeze set the tone for a great Monday. Bella got to wear a cute shorts outfit today and I can just tell this little girl loves warm weather! We took some time today to enjoy nature and let me tell you, Bella loves the outdoors! She is fascinated with everything mother nature has to offer. Now I really can't wait until we can fill up a little kiddie pool! With her love of baths and being outside I know we'll both be tan this year. :)
Bella had her first vegetable tonight--one of the tastier ones in my opinion! As you see above, at first she wasn't so sure about sweet potatoes at first, but she soon decided that she loved 'em! She ate the entire container and was sooo happy the whole time. She is too cute! But I did learn a lesson--remember to bathe her afterwards...not before :) Enjoy the pics and have a blessed week!

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Jill and Rick said...

Love the pics! Bella, mema loves you!!!