Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're Supposed to Leave Today....

But I haven't heard from Leo yet! I saw him this morning when I had a doctor's appointment (he watched Isabella and my doctor commented on how she wanted to see my little munchkin :) I love my doctor and am so lucky to have such a wonderful woman as my doctor. So, I guess I will bring Bella back at my next appt :) ) He had hoped to leave by is now almost 2:30 and he isn't answering his phone. My guess he is stuck at work. The good news is I have showered, packed us and unloaded the dishwasher as well as fold 3 loads of laundry. I am really ready to leave already!

Today while we were at the hospital we went up to Leo's work to say hi and show Bella off. She had been smiling at strangers all morning long but that was sure to change! Sure enough, right when we made it up to the 3rd floor one of the housekeeping ladies was talking and cooing at Isabella....and Isabella totally broke down!! I told her not to take it personally, she had woke up really early and was ready for a nap. After we reassured her that she didn't do anything we made our way into Leo's office where she took one look at one of his co-workers and started shrieking/crying with huge alligator tears rolling down her cheeks! I don't know what's going on with her lately, strangers seem to terrify her :) Maybe it's her attachment to mommy/daddy already? Not sure....or it could be that she is sah baby and doesn't interact a whole lot w/strangers....which needs to be changed! Hopefully w/visiting Texas for a week she'll start getting better.

I hope everyone is staying warm today. It's a rainy mess outside here today so we are trying to stay dry and warm. For everyone who is an area getting ice, please be careful and try to stay home, I want you all to be safe. Have a fantastic Thursday and I'll try to blog as much as possible while I am away, bye!

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