Monday, February 18, 2008

Oh, Lowes...

Lowes, Lowes, Lowes....why do I love Lowes so much?? Leo and I were there for 2 hours, yep, 2 whole hours today, aimlessly wandering every aisle and configuring all the renovations we want to do to our home. We did make some purchases, though! I got 2 curtain rods for the kitchen windows and curtains--which I cannot wait to put up! We also got some outdoor lights to line our sidewalk, they are really pretty and we can't wait to start our landscaping out front to put them in! We are planning on starting the landscaping in a month or so...I want to take out all the old shrubbery before we start so that part will be done. We are so excited!! We have also picked out a new paint color for the kithchen. It's an Eddie Bauer paint called Oatmeal. It is a nice, neutral color which will make our home feel even homier to us. We want to paint that room soon, too, so we'll see how soon we get started! We also picked out a new light for the kitchen, also. I can't wait to update it! We just have so many ideas on what we want and it seems like we will have to do a little at a time, but that's okay with us. At least we pretty much know what we are looking for :)

Other than that, today was pretty slow. We drove around downtown and Leo took me to our favorite Chinese restaurant for lunch. Isabella was sooo good all day! She took a long nap in Lowes and had fun at the Chinese restaurant looking at all the decorations in there.

Speaking of our little princess, she now says "mamamamamama" anytime she is upset! We know she isn't saying mama, but just to hear her say that melts her mama's heart. She also LOVES her exersaucer!! It is one that bounces so we didn't have to buy a jumperoo on top of the saucer. When she knows you're watching her she stands up and drops down so hard! It is hilarious!! When we start laughing, SHE starts laughing and keeps doing it over and over again. It is too cute and we cannot believe how much she has changed. She is an amazing baby and we constantly thank God for blessing us with such a sweetheart.

Time to go, I need to get some laundry done before it's time to turn in for the nite. Hope everyone's Monday was wonderful!

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Jill and Rick said...

Sounds like you had a good shopping trip! We were at Lowe's today too picking up paint for the girls' room.

Okay, is it cruel to ask you to get a video of Bella crying mamaaaa?? We miss our baby girl!

Love you guys!