Saturday, February 16, 2008

What a Fun Day!

Today Leo surprised me by taking me to Mobile to do some shopping! We hit up Target first where I bought new rugs, towels and pictures for our kitchen. I have been wanting new ones for sooo long and today I got them! I think they look great in our kitchen and I love the change, something about redoing a room to make it feel new, fresh and exciting again. I am posting pics of the new goods as well.

I also got Bella some clothes, a pair of cute sandals, I got me a pair of pj summer bottoms, t-shirt and flip flops. We also got some random items as well. Bella was sooo good! She sat in her stroller all day and even fell asleep--which I just must add that she hated her stroller before and would never consider riding in it, so this was a huge accomplishment for our little one :)

We went to Olive Garden afterwards which was sooo yummy! We had originally planned on sushi, but we haven't had Olive Garden in years and it just sounded so good, so we had a nice dinner, too! We had such a great day today and it was so nice to go to Mobile and do some real shopping!! We hope everyone is having a great weekend, too!

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