Thursday, February 7, 2008

Thank Goodness Today Is....

Leo's Friday! Poor Leo....he has an infection in one of his glands...I knew he should have called the doctor on Monday before things got worse and this morning he woke up and by his right ear was soooo swollen. It looked like he got his wisdom teeth removed :( It probably didn't help him that Bella was awake most of the nite, fussy....I am wondering if she is A)getting sick again or B)teething. The past 2 days have been pretty rough. Her not wanting to be away from me (she cries if she doesn't see me or sees me walking away), not napping, not wanting mommy to lay her you see a trend here :) Not that I mind, but today I am exhausted--I haven't even had a second to shower! Oh, well, Leo gets home soon so I will take a shower then I suppose. Bella is asleep in her swing at this moment, she just isn't sleeping very well lately and I hope her ear infection isn't coming back...

On to better news....I am in love w/a new ice cream and cannot believe I have never tried it before!! It is Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar die for. If you love Heath Bar, this is your ice cream!! Huge--and I mean ENORMOUS--chunks of it throughout the entire pint...purely sinful, but oh so delicious. There is one down side, for Lent I gave up sweets (candy, cake, ice cream) so no more for me for quite awhile!! But I had to share that with all of you ice cream lovers...try it, you won't be disappointed!

Not a whole lot going on here otherwise. Just wish for one day/week everyone in our house will be healthy! Hopefully Leo's meds will work out for him. Well, I need to get some things done, just wanted to post a quick blog since I haven't for a few days....bye and talk to ya'll tomorrow!

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Jill and Rick said...

Tell Leo that we hope he feels better soon! & since Bella's off her medicine now, maybe she should have a recheck to make sure that her ears got completely cleared up??

Hugs for all of you!!!!!