Sunday, February 3, 2008


I managed to capture the CUTEST pictures of Isabella today! She is feeling much better today and was playing so happily in her new Exersaucer (which she now LOVES!). I grabbed the camera and got some of her cutest smiles ever!! Now, for those of you who don't know, I have been trying to capture her smiles on camera for the longest time and more times than I can count I just miss that adorable little face. So, I am sure you can just see me grinning ear to ear that I got some smile pics!

She ate a lot more applesauce today than yesterday--she's still not sure what that is mommy is feeding her, but hey--it's food and she'll take it. Her cough is getting better as well as her stuffy nose. I credit that to her Vicks baby rub and our new Vicks vaporizer...magic I tell ya! That stuff works wonders!

Not a whole lot more is going on here today. Leo and I both have spring cleaning fever....could be our warm temps--65 degrees with our windows open--pure heaven in my eyes! It is supposed to be 78 degrees Monday and Tuesday, I have some of Bella's shorts out for her and I know she and I will be outside getting some wonderful sunshine and glorious fresh air. Can you tell I am in the mood for spring already? :) We cannot wait to spruce up our front yard. And now that Bella is older, she can sit out in one of her many baby toys while mommy and daddy work. Ahhhh...spring is finally in the air and it just makes me so happy!

I don't think we get the Superbowl channel :( We do have the NFL network, but we aren't for sure if it is playing it or not. We're both kinda down about that since we were in Turkey for 2 years and really missed watching the Superbowl and the commercials it will bring. I also want to root on the Giants...I usually do go for the underdogs.

Well, I have been rambling on long enough. I am going to post her cute pics. Enjoy!


Jill and Rick said...

Oh my goodness these are CUTE pictures!!! I may see if I can copy one and post it on her mema's blog!

Love you guys! Give Bella mooches from all of us!


llespy said...

Great pictures today! She looks so happy and I'm glad to hear everyone is feeling better. Sounds like wonderful weather. We are supposed to be warm tomorrow, then be cold again on Tuesday. Yuck! Take care and give Bella a kiss for me.
Love, Lisa