Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away....

Today started off nice enough, it was almost 70 degrees when we woke up, a light breeze blowing through the windows. That sure changed, though! We had quite the storm blow through--with winds blowing and gusting up to 52 mph! Lightning flashes and the loudest thunder you could imagine. Bella and I took cover in our closet and we called Leo to see if there were any warnings for our town (we don't get local channels on our satellite and I couldn't check our tv in our room-more about the tv in a sec). Anyhow, he called me back and told me there were wind warnings, tornado watches and thunderstorm warnings. I told him to call me if any tornadoes were spotted. I took a picture as the storm was rolling in...I really like these trees and they are everywhere here!
Okay, so I promised above to tell ya about our tv. Well, mom and dad had gotten me a nice Phillips tv when I lived in SA (6-7 yrs ago). We have had that tv ever since and I loved it! The other nite when I was watching some tv in bed it kept turning off on it's own. I was a little spooked at first and especially when it kept happening! Sure enough, the tv went out. Any time you turned it on it would turn off. Tonite Leo moved "his game" tv into our bedroom so I could watch Idol. But the good news is on this new tv we get ABC, NBC and FOX!!! We just don't get CBS, grrrrr.....but that's okay, I am happy I can watch the Today show, Medium, American Idol...you get the picture :) We have decided to use some of our tax return money for a new tv for the bedroom, though, as well as a dvd player. The rest will be going into savings with the exception of me buying some summer clothes since none of my old clothes fit me yet!
Well, I am going to go now...Idol's on and Bella is napping :)

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