Saturday, February 9, 2008

Can I Get a Drumroll....

Isabella is getting her 2 bottom teeth in!! I cannot BELIEVE it! If you remember in my other post I was talking about how cranky she has been, etc. Anyhow, today during another screaming session I peered into her mouth and what do you know, 2 little blister type bumps on the bottom gum. Poor baby! We are going to get her some stuff when we go to the store tomorrow, so hopefully it will help a little....not really sure how much they will work, though.

I'm making homemade Valentine's this year. I love making cards and we are trying to budget, so why not be creative? I have done 2 so far...I have a lot more to go! I hope they all turn out cute, I really think they are.

Well, I need to go, we are watching a movie, Little Children, it's pretty good. I also need to finish up the cards so we can mail them by Monday! Bye all and I will try to take some pics of some of the cards and post on here within the next day or so...bye!

1 comment:

AunT NanC said...

Your cards are beautiful!!!!! I didn't know you were making your own cards!

And *cough* - I know a place where we could make room for them to be sold ... LOL! Why didn't you tell me???