Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Peaceful Days=Happy Family

Hello to you all! What a peaceful day Isabella and I had. She played w/mommy and took a couple of naps even. She has been sleeping in her swing for over 2 hours now! Aw, I just love days like this!

On to other news, we are going to Houston on Thursday to see Leo's side of the family. We are very excited! Isabella and I will be staying there a week and Leo will come to pick us up the following weekend. Isabella's (only) cousin will be there, too--and they haven't seen one another since he was born! I am sure Isabella will be curious to who this other little baby is.
Forgot to mention yesterday that we got new curtains for our living room and I really like them. They are the sheer material but in burgandy and the top is ruffled? Maybe? For those of you who have seen our curtains we have the ones that hang down in our other rooms and these new ones aren't like that. We wanted something other than the brown we had since all of our furniture is brown lol! I'll be using the brown ones in the kitchen now.
Well, I need to figure something out for dinner that I can use chicken in...if you have any ideas, please, help me! Enjoy the pic above that I took of Bella with her bunny in her swing. Bye!

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