Sunday, February 10, 2008

Valentine's Cards Galore....

I had a lot of fun yesterday making all of my Valentine's cards. It took me longer than expected and I was pooped out afterwards, but today as I was writing in them, I realized that I was really happy I had a chance to do that for the people I love. I am attaching some pics of them, tell me what you think. I basically stuck to a couple of styles and tried to vary them up some, but all in all I am really proud of myself!

I also attached a few pics of Bella. :) Imagine that :) One is of her on our bed one day when it was warm. I love it because she has that "Mommy caught me!" look on her face. The other one is of her in the cutest outfit her Great Great Aunt and Uncle Davy and Joyce got her. It's so cute!!! I just love that blue on her. I really think she looks good in darker and brighter colors, don't you :)

It was another fun nite last nite...there is someone who lives behind us (we still have not figured out who they are yet...)who insists on playing the LOUDEST music and have the LOUDEST parties and their friends have these really loud trucks and you can here them start them up over and over in the middle of the is really lovely. Leo and I have wondered why none of their neighbors complain??? Needless to say I couldn't sleep, stayed up and watched a movie (more about that in a minute) and finally fell asleep around 1:30 or so...which in turn we all overslept this morning for church. Ugh!! We are going next week for sure, so I may just go to bed really early before their "party" starts.

So, I watched a couple of good movies this weekend. The first was Little Children which I mentioned yesterday. I loved it! I thought it was really good. The second one(that I watched into the nite) was Alpha Dog. It was based on a true story about a drug dealer who kidnaps another guy's younger brother (the guy owes him $$$). Anyhow, I had seen one of the nitetime news shows do a story on the real guys who did this and it was shocking. At first I wasn't sure bc there was a lot of bad language, but after seeing that it reminds you of how important it is to raise your children and teach them the dangers that lurk out there in this world of ours. It just made me so sad that this was someone's 15 year old son who gets kidnapped...heartbreaking, I cannot even imagine! Anyways, I liked both of the movies and would recommend them.
Okay, well I need to go on now and get some things done. Have a marvelous, relaxing Sunday and until next time, bye!

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