Sunday, March 30, 2008

Alligators Scare Me!

Happy Sunday to everyone! How has your weekend been? Ours has been good...lazy, but good. We didn't do much of anything yesterday which really drove me crazy! It was rainy and cloudy so we didn't get much yard work done. Today was better. We went to early mass this morning and then we came home. When we got home Leo saw an animal....turns out to be a floppy eared bunny. More than likely it used to be someone's pet and we haven't seen it the rest of today.

After lunch we headed to the National Park. Guess what we saw?! Two alligators, a lizard, a turtle and some birds. But let me go back to that TWO ALLIGATORS part. I am terrified of 'gators and to see two was a little nerve racking for me :) I got some pics, I have one posted above. The other one we saw was in the water w/his eyes and snout resting on the water. I was joking when I told Leo, "Look! It's a gator!" Um...yes, it really was! We stood and took a pic (which I'll post tomorrow, it wouldn't let me post anymore pics w/this post). When we were driving off it was already gone. Creepy, huh? But neat at the same time.

Tomorrow I'll be posting our menu for the week. It's payday this week and I can't wait to go and stock up the house w/groceries! I love grocery shopping :)

Have a very blessed Sunday and I'll talk w/you more tomorrow.

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Andi said...

Hi! I am a fellow iVillage PAL member, and I found the link to your blog there. I grew up in Ocean Springs and lived walking distance from this park! How funny! I saw those alligators so, so many times, and your photos brought back lots of memories (and made me a little homesick). I'm in San Francisco now, but I was born at KAFB hospital :)