Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lizards, Lizards and More Lizards!

I have no clue where Boo finds all of these lizards, but she keeps on finding them!! Yesterday (remember what a "fun" day I was having *smirks*?) Boo caught another one. I believe this was number 4--which by the way I have saved every single one of them. I was holding my tired, cranky little girl, aka Isabella, and I look out the window. What do I see? My furball of a cat trotting around the backyard with another lizard "friend". I jumped up and opened the door expecting for her to drop it like she always does.....but she does the exact opposite....and brings her new friend INSIDE OF OUR HOUSE!! At this point I put Isabella in her playyard away from all of this nonsense and turn around to face the new couple. Boo drops the lizard and gives it a nudge with her paw. This is great, I think to myself, there are sooo many places where this little guy can run and hide to. I take a step forward and Boo, who thinks I am about to steal her new friend, picks him up and takes him to another room. This whole saga continues with the little guy charging at me, me screaming and in turn Isabella starts screaming, too, because if mommy is screaming then something bad must be happening! I frantically call Leo at work and of course he doesn't answer and he's not even in the office!! I have no idea what to do at this point and the 2 trouble makers are now underneath my bed. I decide to stop freaking out and use my head. I find a container, capture the little guy and release him outside. Somehow Boo does not see this happen and she is looking everywhere for him...ah, poor Boo. She has been really lonely since our other cat, Sasha, passed away in December.

Real quick, Bella is now crawling backwards....wow, she has grown sooo quick! Where is the time going?

Have a fabulous night!

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