Monday, March 10, 2008

Spring is Here!!

I LOVE springtime....the birds chirping, the flowers blooming, the beautiful fresh air....aahhh....what could be more perfect, right? I peeked out the window today to see if the "mystery" flowers had bloomed, and they had!!! They are daffodils, one of my favorite spring flower. Aren't they gorgeous?

In case you wondering, we are back in Mississippi as of yesterday. The drive wasn't too bad and it felt good coming home. We had a wonderful time in Texas with everyone and it was quiet and lonely today. We'll be happy to see everyone again, too!

Leo and I are going to watch "The Brave One" tonight (we HOPE to watch it tonite!). I'll let you know tomorrow what we thought about it. It looked good on the previews and we got it this weekend from Netflix.

I hope you enjoy the pictures! They are some that I have taken over the days. Enjoy and have a wonderful Monday evening! UPDATE: for some reason the server won't let me post any pics! I'll post 'em tomorrow :)

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