Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mashed Bananas.....Yum!

Today I decided to make Isabella her own homemade mashed bananas. As you can see from the pictures above, she loved them! She could not eat enough. After her first bowl, I mashed some up and just gave her the bowl and she had a blast. Yes, bananas were everywhere, but just seeing her have fun w/it made me smile. It's amazing how the simple things get children excited, isn't it?

Isabella just got a package from her Tia Cristina and Tio Pio (Amparo) in the mail! I'll have to write tomorrow what she got, we're gonna wait until her Daddy gets home to open it.

I just finished all of my ironing and made our bed with our clean sheets. I love the smell and feel of freshly cleaned bedding! I still have to vacuum, so I'll be doing that after the little one is up from her nap. Then I'll be making our dinner which we're having Rotel dip....yum! If Leo gets off on time we are planning on going to church at 6. So, hopefully he'll get out on time!

May you have a blessed day and a great evening. Leo is watching his Netflix movie tonight, so I'll probably read some of my new magazines--Parents and Better Homes and Gardens. Then maybe I can read some more of the book I'm reading-P.S I Love You. Wish me luck!

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