Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mail Call....

I don't know what it is about receiving mail (well, not bills of course :) ), but it can turn my day around sometimes. Yesterday I got a beautiful postcard from my cousin, Meg, who lives in NYC. I have never been to NYC and it is on my list to do in my lifetime. So, for her to live there of course makes me green w/envy ;) J/k, Meg, but I do get a little jealous now and then! Anyhow, she sent me a black and white very vintagey type postcard of the city. It is gorgeous in fact that I think I am going to frame it. So, again, thank you, Meg!!

Today I received 3 magazines (yay! now if I can only find time to read my stack of mags that I have goin on....), an Easter package from Bella's Momo and Popo, and my free Oust spray (because I am a Bzz Agent! Love it!!). I am going to attach a couple of pics of Isabella with her new puppy dog and I am going to attempt to have a new video of her on here....Her Easter package had a lot of goodies besides the very cute and soft little doggie--she got a little bunny in an egg, an outfit, a couple of bunny figurines and Hershey's Kisses....for mommy and daddy :)

The rest of today was pretty good, it was rainy this a.m but that cleared up by mail time. I cleaned most of the house today and now tomorrow (which is Leo's Friday-yay!) I only have to vacuum and wash our bedding. We had a wonderful day and thank God for blessing us. Have a great Wednesday evening!

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