Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Dreaded Shots....

I have been dreading today for quite awhile now. Today was Isabella's well-baby appointment. Not too bad, but then she had to get her shots today. Since they were out of one last time, it meant she had to get 5, yes 5, shots. Poor baby girl. The techs at the Immunizations Clinic must have felt bad for her, too, because they somehow combined them so she had 2 shots and 1 oral. Yay!! We went from 5 to 3! She did wonderfully with all of them, she drank the entire vaccine without spitting any out and she cried just a little when she got her shots. It went a lot better than the last time and I am sooo grateful for that.

Isabella's stats are: weight-16.6 lbs and length-25.5 inches. She has grown so much and we are very happy.

I am going to post my week's cleaning list. I ALWAYS clean at the end of the week so my weekend will be free to spend with Leo. Since Leo is off work every other Friday (they work extended hours during the week to enable this) my cleaning schedule is different each week. He works this Friday, so my list looks like this:

Monday-Wednesday: daily pick up, laundry, dishwasher, etc

Thursday: clean both bathrooms, dust and windex

Friday: vacuum and mop

Not too bad, eh? That way I am not stuck doing everything on one single day. It takes maybe an hour each day and I can easily get it done when Isabella is playing. I usually can't do it all at once, so I break it up into segments.
The pics above are of Bella today. I love her outfit she has on, I picked it up at Target, cute right? The last one is of her yanking poor Boo by the tail...that poor cat! At least Boo is nice to her, though :)
I hope everyone is having a great week this week. We can't complain, I know that's for sure. We got our Netflix movie in today, "Gone Baby Gone". I'll let you know how we liked it. I am hoping to watch it tonight, here's hoping! Take care and have a wonderful night!

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