Monday, March 24, 2008

Good Morning!

Good morning to you! How was your Easter weekend? We had a very nice weekend and an even nicer Easter. We woke up and I made homemade french toast and bacon. We got to drink coffee again, so I brewed us a nice pot of coffee and boy was it good!! After that we all got ready for church. We didn't dress Bella until last minute and what do you know, the most massive amount of spit up got on her dress a mere seconds after she was dressed. Good thing we had a backup! After church we came home and she got her basket and we did an egg hunt. It was so much fun! After that we had our lunch which was ham, cheesy hashbrowns, deviled eggs, rolls and fruit pizza...yum! It all turned out wonderful and we felt so blessed to enjoy our day so much with Isabella on her first Easter.

This morning I came up w/our menu for the week. Here it is:

Monday-Easter leftovers

Tuesday-Enchilada Casserole...(yum!), corn and tortilla chips

Wed-Spag w/meat sauce and green beans


Friday-Fish w/homemade mashed potatoes and green beans

We don't have a whole lot going on here this week. We DO have Isabella's well baby checkup which I am dreading a little since she has to get shots this week :( She had a low grade temp last nite, so she may not be feeling all that well anyway. We'll could be teething or something totally different. Either way I'm glad she'll be seeing the ped, but not glad she will be miserable w/getting her shots, poor baby girl!
And as promised here is the yummy fruit pizza recipe:

1 roll of sugar cookie dough
Spread on greased cooking sheet and cook for 10 minutes or until light brown.

8 oz of cream cheesed, softened
12 oz pkg of whipped topping
(optional) powdered sugar to taste (I added some just to sweeten up the topping a little)

Mix all together and set aside.

Allow the cookie crust to cool. Once cool, spread the topping over entire crust. You can now chill in the fridge or add the fruit topping. (We added the fruit right away).

Here is the fruit that I used: strawberries (cut in half), blackberries (fresh...yum!), kiwi (cut in slices), and bananas (dip in lemon juice before hand to prevent browning)

And there you have it. It is so delicious, I lost count on how many servings Leo had! There is also an orange glaze (we didn't use it, though) so if you want that recipe, just send me a message. I hope you all have a blessed Monday. I do want to mention my Grandpa has been sick, so please keep him in your prayers for a speedy recovery. We love you, Grandpa!

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