Friday, March 21, 2008


Well, it's finally Friday! Good Friday to be exact. We didn't make it to church last night since Leo got off work a little late, but we do plan on going tonight at 7. The church is having a fish fry between 5-7 so'll be going to that first. Yum! I love fried catfish!

As promised, I am posting some pics of Isabella w/her gifts she received yesterday. She got a Texans outfit in pink (and to clarify, Mommy is NOT a Texans fan! That would be Daddy's favorite!), a pink bunny and some Easter candy-which she givingly gave to Mommy and Daddy :) Thank you, Tio Pio and Tia Cristina!

Isabella also got some MORE mail today. Her Mema, Papa, Aunts Ashlie, Allie, and Annie, and Uncle Adam got her the cutest Easter card. She lunged for it and we had to pry it out of her little fingers before it got destroyed. Thank you, Mema and Papa!

We went to Mobile this afternoon to go to know, my favorite store of all time :) We stocked up on formula and diapers for the next couple of weeks. I also got Bella some new sippy cups and a really cute blue and white striped tank top for summer. I love Target's baby clothes, they have the cutest summer clothes at such a WONDERFUL price. You can't beat that! I got some bubble bath so I can take a nice, relaxing bubble bath tonight. It's been too long since I've had one and think that I may deserve one ;)
Enjoy the pics that I posted. The last one is of our cat, Boo, on our warm clothes straight from the dryer. I went in our room to fold them and she was all curled up asleep on them. It must be nice being a cat ;)
May you all have a blessed Friday and a wonderful Easter weekend!

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