Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Time to Save Some $$$

I love saving money! I used to love spending money, but now I am older, wiser *snicker* and I have a little girl to take care of. After talking to Leo we decided to cut back on some things that will save us approx $2,000 per year--give or take! Step one: I have heard nothing but raves over Target diapers and Target formula, so I compared their formula to my current one and after discovering *gasp* that they were nearly identical I took the plunge. The Target brand is $15 cheaper than my current brand!! For those of you who don't have children, that is a significant amount because you can go through over 1 can per week. I also decided to try out their diapers to see if they would work for our little girl. Guess what?! They both work wonders!! No leaky diapers and she drinks the formula fine! I have decided to give myself a nice pat on the back for this one ;) Step two: cancel our movie channel subscriptions. Why would we want to do that? Let me tell it as it is...we don't have much time to watch movies anymore. We are pretty lucky to sit down to watch a show together, let alone a movie. On top of this, we have a Netflix subscription, which we LOVE! So again, I suggested to Leo, why don't we cancel our movie channel subscriptions and for the series we like on a certain channel we can just rent on Netflix. And any movies? Same thing! We save $45 dollars a month with that cancellation! Awesome, purely awesome :)

Those are our latest money saving techniques. I just feel good with having that little extra money each month to use for other necessities.

With that, I hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday--oh, and I get to see my honey tomorrow nite! Yay!

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