Friday, March 28, 2008


What is it about Friday that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I am not sure why I still get that feeling. I don't go to a job outside of home anymore and haven't for 8 months now. Hmmm...maybe it's just remembering when I was younger and going to school patiently waiting for Friday to get here. Why? Well, slumber parties, games of red tick (you'll never understand...I may make that a post for a later date!), pizza, mom and dad being home for the weekend and Saturday morning cartoons. I love Fridays and I am sure I always will :)

My best friend, Julie, called me today and it was so nice catching up with her. We shared some laughs and talked about our children. She has the cutest little boys, they are sooo adorable! Anyhow, her husband is also in the Air Force (she and I used to work together when we were in the AF and stationed in San Antonio) and they are due for some orders soon. I am praying and hoping they come to Mississippi with us!!! That would be amazing, great and just fun to have my best friend here--who also is a stay at home mommy like me!! I can't wait until they find out where they're going next :)

I hope you like the pictures of Isabella. It is really warm here and she "picked out" her own outfit for the day. She reached into her closet and pulled that outfit out and it looked adorable on her! Her Mema gave her that outfit, it was one of the MANY outfits that Mema gave us from when Ashlie, Allie and Annie were little babies. Thank you, Mema and Papa!
May you have a blessed Friday and a blessed weekend.

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