Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hair, God and Blessings

Isabella's hair is finally growing! Yay!! I bought her some ribbons a week ago and ever since then her hair keeps growing and growing...I should have bought these bows a long ago *hehehehe* Her hair is looking to be a light brown so far and she still has her mommy's green eyes which her daddy is very excited for :)

Speaking of her daddy, he is leaving today and we can't wait to see him! Our bed has been very lonely without him, although Isabella hasn't seemed to mind taking over his half of the bed :) She is a little bed hog just like her mommy!

We went to 12:15 mass this afternoon and Isabella was very good....until right before communion. That is precisely when she decided she would give God her all mightiest yelling and shrieking (her new "talent" which she recently discovered). Mommy quickly took her outside of the chapel and she was a little quieter....until she wanted to shriek...again...which this time echoed so loudly it made her jump! I tried so hard not to laugh, but just seeing her expression cracked me up! After mass was over, Father came up to us and said, "We sure have our hands full, don't we?" He was smiling of course and I definitely agreed with him. She is getting more and more curious about our world and loving every minute of it. I sometimes sit back and try to imagine how she sees the world. It must be fascinating and at the same time I get a little sad because so often we take everything for granted. This little girl of mine is going to teach her mommy a lot of things, that is for sure, and I thank our God all the time with the blessings he has given me.
I hope you enjoy the pics above...she loves bath time!! You can also see her hair and how it and she are both growing so fast. You have to love the expression in that second pic :)

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Jill and Rick said...

What a little stinker in church today! & yes, I love love love that expression. She is such a cutie pie and we cannot wait to see you guys again!

Love you!