Monday, March 17, 2008

What a Great Weekend!

Good morning, everyone! Are you rested and ready to tackle the week ahead? No?! Well, don't worry, I'm right there with ya ;) Isabella woke up at 6 something this morning....not exactly how I intended to start my week. She did nap for my arms....and has been extremely tired and wanting me to hold her all day. If she wakes up too early we usually have a "fun" day ahead of us :) She is now in her swing babbling and talking. Her mommy is hoping she falls asleep for a little nap!

So, how was your weekend? Ours was great, wonderful and productive. The kind of weekend I yearn for weekly. Saturday Leo had to work for awhile, so that wasn't fun, but after he got home we tackled a little bit of our landscaping project. I am afraid it is going to be a lot harder than either one of us anticipated! We have a lot to do and we hope to get a lot accomplished before the weather turns too hot for comfort.

Sunday we went to mass for Palm Sunday and it felt good to be back in our church again. Then late yesterday we went to the Gulf Islands National Park. And wouldn't you know our camera was out of batteries and needed to be charged!! Go figure :) We were able to be within a few feet of a beautiful crane who just watched us as curiously as we watched him/her. After deciding that all 3 of us could be trusted he/she took a nice nap. I continued to just watch the crane while Leo was watching a duck diving for food and Isabella was just mesmerized by all of the trees, water and animals around. It was very quiet and peaceful and extremely good for the soul. Sometimes I feel like I am too dependent on technology and forget to take in the beautiful earth surrounding me. Leo and I would like to start doing nature activities weekly. This coming up weekend we are going to try and have a picnic at the shore. It may be difficult as we have a lot of church activities, but maybe on Easter Sunday we can take time later on to go and have a nice family day. After we went to the park we went to our favorite pizza place here in Mississippi--Mellow Mushroom! It was sooo delicious! If you ever have a chance to eat there, go for it! You won't be disappointed! While we were on that side of town eating we also decided to take a little tour of downtown. I love our downtown, it's such a small little town and the stores down there are fantastic boutiques that I adore.

I have attached a couple of pictures of Isabella in her new highchair. Please enjoy them. May you have a blessed day and I hope your week is a good one!

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