Monday, June 23, 2008

Aw....Thank you, Amanda!

Oh my goodness. First I would love to thank my bloggy friend Amanda from Lifelong Playdate. She gave me a bloggy picture! But because I am still learning all of these blog thingies I need ya'lls help.

1) How do I make her name a link you can click to take to her blog?
2) How do I make the award be on my page?

See, I told you I needed help! I want to show it off, and nominate some of my other blog friends!

So, thank you, Amanda for my pic and I promise in a day or so I'll have it working :)

Before I leave, just an update on how we are all doing. We're doing GREAT! Texas is wonderful like always, my Daisy puppy is wonderful--no accidents in her crate or the house. Can you say smart little doggie?! Bella isn't so sure about this little bundle of fur that wants to kiss her, but she is now crawling to the crate to "talk" to Daisy. Maybe she's telling her the cat is the boss at our house? Hmmm...

I hope this post finds everyone doing great and did I tell everyone that I am getting a brand new blog design? I know you can't wait and maybe you are as excited as I am! Her name is Krystyn over at Krizzy Designs. I need to put her blog under my favorites--I'll do that as soon as possible (which is Mommy talk for when Leo gets here to Houston on Friday and I have a few spare moments).

Again, Amanda, thank you! I'll be by your blog later to thank you there, too.

1 comment:

amanda said...

honey you crack me up!!

i would love to help with the linky thing and the posting of the bling. but first do you have a mac or a pc?

glad to hear the trip is going well!