Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Contacts? Maybe? PRK? Maybe?

I've had glasses forever. Well, technically not forever, but ever since I was 10 or so. I remember wanting glasses sooo bad when I was little--I swear I did everything to get glasses! I read in the dark, sat too close to the tv, didn't eat my carrots.

Guess what? It all worked. Because I have had glasses for 19 LONG years now.

And ya know what else? I don't want them anymore! I want to have eyes that can see when I wake up, fall asleep while watching tv and not having to wake up and take my glasses off. I want to see the world without smudges and dust blocking my vision on what this world has to offer me.

After telling my loving husband all of this, he told me to look into PRK or contacts. I would really like the surgery (I think), but am afraid! These are my eyes, my one shot of being able to see. The mere thought of losing them due to a fluke accident terrifies me. Leo swears up and down that I will much much happier. He had the surgery himself and has been so happy.

After all of his hype and praise for the procedure I have seriously considered it myself. So let me get off here and start looking at pricing and facilities. I can't believe I am considering this!


amanda said...

i have always. always. wanted glasses. can't tell you how many times i tried to "fail" the eye exam.

sad huh?

Jill and Rick said...

I think you'd be very happy after the surgery, Chelle. But I agree, it's a scary thought! Good luck as you make your decision.

(btw, I don't think you'd be any happier with contacts, especially with your allergies.)

Love you!