Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Isabella loves her blueberries

Always laughing and being our little ham

I love her expression here!

Isabella enjoying a hair washing from Boo

Just a preview of what she'll look like on her 1st birthday....

I have been at a loss lately on what to write about. Maybe writer's block? I'm not sure, but it drives me crazy as I just sit here at the computer, pictures loaded and nothing comes to mind on what to write about! So, I thought today I would just write about the funny things about my little girl that get my cracking up quite often. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

She loves it when Boo gives her hair a "bath". Boo has been notorious for cleaning Leo's hair when he's sleeping. It is hilarious! Since Bella doesn't have very long hair yet, Boo finds it necessary to clean hers as well. The picture above was after Bella was inside from swimming and Boo smelled suntan lotion on her and immediately started cleaning her. Have I mentioned my cat also loves lotion? Strange.

Isabella also loves toes. No, seriously, she does. Last night I was lying on the couch and she came over and was just patting me. The next thing I knew I felt the most excrutiating pain! She had bit my big toe as hard as she could!! There were two deep imprints on my toe....ow!!

She is also quite the talker now. She will talk to anything and everything! Yesterday she was talking to a bird that was gathering sticks and flying them up to her nest. She was very upset after the bird flew away. Maybe she is a new generation of Dr. Doolittle? Hmmm...

Anytime I have a drink in front of me she MUST get some. Except last night she couldn't....I was enjoying a nice glass of white wine and she was going crazy for some! I told Leo to go and get himself some water and let her have some of "his" water. The entire time she would look at me and gulp down water. When I was finished with my wine she was done with her water. Lol! It was too funny for us to see that she wants to be like her mommy. I love my little mini me.

I hope you enjoyed a few of the Bella-isms. Hopefully soon my writer's block (blogger's block?) will pass over....


amanda said...

love all the bella-isms!! and what great pictures!! especially the blueberries!! we have tried beans and blueberries - no luck! but she loves mangoes!! crazy right??

ps - happy belated birthday :)

Chelle said...

Bella loves mangoes, too! She likes anything...except for peaches--those she despises :) Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

McMommy said...

Oh I don't think you have writer's block...that was an adorable post! Bella and her "isms" are very entertaining!

If you still feel like you have "bloggers block", maybe you would like to participate in the Real Life Carnival that Jessica is doing on Thursday? I just did a post about it...I think it's going to be fun!

Happy belated Birthday Chelle!

Jill and Rick said...

Love the pics and the stories! Hmmmmm, funny that both Bella and Daisy love toes, . . . I think you're going to have to start wearing full shoes for a while!

Love you!