Thursday, June 19, 2008

She got a baby doll, y'all

Last night we had to run to Wal-Mart to get a soft sided crate for Daisy. After we found one that would fit in my suitcase Leo told me to get myself something to snack on for our movie, The Martian Child. I immediately grabbed a box of Hot Tamales and he got some Mike -n- Ike's. After that I told him I wanted to walk down the toy isle with munchkin.

She was in awe of everything in the toy isle. She played with toys that I would let her hold, she looked around at everything surrounding her.

She was in heaven, absolute heaven.

But me being the rational person I am (okay, Leo really told me what I'm about to say, but since this is my blog lets pretend I said it, okay?) decided to hold off on getting her a pushing/riding lion until we get to Texas. As Leo pointed out, "Hon, that can't go on the plane with you guys".

Really? It wouldn't fit as a carry-on?

Thanks, hon, sometimes I don't know what I would do without you always being the rational one.

Okay, back to the story--sorry, Leo, I love you to pieces, but you always make me laugh :)

I declared to Leo we needed to get Bella a baby doll. She has lots of stuffed animals, but no baby dolls. Off to that isle we go.

I immediately looked over the shelf a made a mental note of the ones that looked creepy and acted creepy. I had a vast variety in my hands to let Bella pick out a cute baby.

That didn't work. She kept staring at this one cheap-o doll. It cracked me up that she didn't want a nice one, she wanted the simplist doll of them all.

So, without further anticipation, here is her new baby.

If it counts for anything, the baby laughs and Bella either laughs herself or just smiles. She talks to baby and all around loves her.

Hopefully this cheap thing will last until she goes away to college....


llespy said...

The baby doll reminds me Natalie's Baby. She too was just a soft doll with a plastic face. She didn't even laugh! Natalie loved her the stuffing out of her. Literally! Perhaps Bella's baby is meant to be the next BABY. Love you, Aunt Lisa

Jill and Rick said...

Oh, I think that Bella picked out a sweet, simple little baby ~ just perfect for her to love!!



amanda said...

yeah her first baby doll :)

i know how much beans loves hers - ok well she just eats her head. but isn't that baby speak for i love you??

thanks too for the food advice!!

Carol said...

Hey at least she's cost-effective, you'll appreciate that when she's older!!!

The Roaming Southerner said...

That is hilarious! It is like my mom getting us a tv/vcr when we were kids and all we did was play in the box. Kids just like what they like, huh?

The Roaming Southerner said...

That is hilarious! It is like my mom getting us a tv/vcr when we were kids and all we did was play in the box. Kids just like what they like, huh?

Mamasphere said...

My daughter always ends up picking the weird, cheap dolls, too!

I guess it's good for the pocketbook!

Shannon said...

Awwww, that's sweet. I still have my first doll from when I was about 8 months old - she's totally simple, but very worn!!

Jenny Shutan said...

new to your blog...but what a great story. i am sure it will be first of her many baby dolls. then she will want the american girl one with all the accessories, enjoy the simple one :)

Shannon said...

Good deal on her wanting the cheap one- one piece of advice though- by several and start alternating them now to avoid catastrophe later! :)

McMommy said...

I think it's a sweet baby doll!! Very cuddly looking! And maybe I'm a little biased because purple is my favorite color, but still...

Happy POW!

The Walsh's said...

Oh I love it. I think my first baby doll was similar - except her face smelled like baby powder...still does, actually. Too cute!