Friday, June 6, 2008


You know when you have a project that keeps looming over your head like a dark cloud? And it keeps growing and growing until one day you throw your hands up and yell, "Okay! I'll get to it!"

Well, I didn't throw my hands up and yell it, but I did cave in.

My project? Isabella's room. It used to be such a peaceful and relaxing place to be. Quiet, clean, everything had it's own place.

That was before she was born.

After she was born, it just got a little out of control. Clothes, socks, pajamas that didn't fit were piled high in her closet. Toys that were no longer her favorite piled in front of the clothes that no longer fit. Her baby swing, play gym, baby bath tub, bassinet also joined the mountain of clothes and toys (do you like how it went from a pile to a mountain? Because that's what it now is!).

Today I tackled her room head on. She was even in there helping me out! Let me take that back...Isabella suddenly became fascinated with everything that was everywhere. If I folded clothes and put them in their baskets she would crawl over and remove each of them. Occasionally she would start shaking something really hard on TOP of the basket and I took that as a sign that she was, indeed, trying to help out her momma. Clothes were hung up. Towels, washclothes, blankets, name it and it was folded and put in it's place. It looks great!

Now I just have to convince my husband to help me put everything in the attic and storage room outside. Wish me luck on that one! After all of that's put away I'll take some pics to show you all the hard work us girls did.

On another quick note, I have decided to cloth diaper Bella's little bum. I couldn't be more excited! I have been doing LOTS of research and asked the wonderful women on my iVillage board for some advice and they gave me the most amazing advice ever! I can't wait to purchase the diapers and take lots of pics. I'm sure I'll even have some interesting things happen to blog about. Much more interesting than cleaning a room.

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Jill and Rick said...

Sounds like you guys had a productive day! Love you!!