Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Baby is 8 Months Old...

Me changing channels trying to decide what to watch
Now this fun! I'm climbing Mommy!
I love climbing.....
But not as much as I love chewing on Mommy!
Mommy says I have curls now!

Hi, everyone, it's me, Isabella! For some reason mommy is really excited that I am 8 months old. I am becoming such a big girl now. Did you know I have 2 teeth? Or as Mommy calls them "teefers". Why does she call them that? I am also a crawling machine. I especially love it because now Mommy chases me and it's the funnest game ever! I have recently discovered 2 very weird things with all my crawling:

1)Kitty kitty does not eat the same food as me. And how do I know this? Because I found her bowl of what Mommy and Daddy call "kitty food"! I think if she eats it, I can too, but each time I try Mommy catches me and shakes her head saying no no no, ackie ackie. Hmmm...I must find a new tactic to get to kitty's food.

2)I also found the neatest little house today. It is hidden in a corner and has a little swinging type door. When Mommy saw me playing with this house she practically screamed and scooped me up saying that's kitty's litterbox! Eww!! Then she made me wash my hands with soap and water. What was that about?!

Mommy has been letting me swim in my pool lately. It is so much fun! We have fun in the sun and I really like it! Mommy has a bunch of toys in there and she watches me and she gets a tan. She also tells me I am getting a tan. She thinks it's real cute!
I now can also dance, clap and wave. But my newest and (secretly favorite) milestone? I can shake my head no! I shake it back and forth really really fast--especially if I am not liking the vegetables Mommy is giving me.
I hope you liked reading about me. Mommy says I have to go now. It's my bathtime! Yay!


Jill and Rick said...

Bella Bella Bella! We love you sweet, ornery girl!! LISTEN TO YOUR MAMA about that house - NOT SO MUCH FUN, believe me. STIIIINKY! Love you baby girl! (& love those curls too!)

Mema and Papa

Amanda said...

oh this is such a cute post!

American Mum said...

She is too cute! My little girl was born in Nov so I can relate :)

McMommy said...

Oh, 8 months is such a fun age, isn't it??

I just love your daughter's classy and beautiful!

Thanks for stopping by to play POW! I love your blog. I tried to add it to my reader, but it says there is a problem with the feed?