Thursday, November 12, 2009

Richard Scarry's Busytown Mysteries Television Series {A Winey Mommy Review}

When the One2One Network contacted me to see if I would be interested in reviewing the brand new Busytown Mysteries tv series created by Richard Scarry, I jumped all over it--I knew that Isabella would love this show.  And alright...I knew that I, too, would love the cartoon.

We reviewed two episodes: The Falling Fruit Mystery and The Dragon Hunters.  They were adorable and Isabella actually sat through them with me and watched.  When the first episode was over she told me she wanted more--so we sat through the next episode together and enjoyed that one as well.

Richard Scarry has sold over 150 million books which have been translated in over 30 languages over the past 40 years.  Amazing!   I remember growing up and reading the Richard Scarry books. I loved his books and the characters that he created.  The combination of his writing style and those beloved characters made reading so much fun and is part of the reason that I still enjoy reading.

You can catch Richard Scarry's Busytown Mysteries  television series on CBS weekend mornings.  In the half hour that it airs two episodes will be shown.  To check when it will be shown in your part of the country you can go here and enter your city information.

Thank you to One2One Network for letting me review the great dvd with my daughter.  We both enjoyed spending that time together watching such a great television show!

*The above opinions are based on my experience with the product that was reviewed.  One2One Network provided my family with a dvd.  I was not paid in any other way.  All opinions are honest opinions and are not influenced in any way.  By completing this review I am eligible to win a giftcard.


Loukia said...

My boys love Busytown Mysteries! It's been on TV here in Canada for a long time now... well, for many months, anyway! My 22 month old loves it and dances to it and loves hearing the who what when where why and how song! My 4 year old loves it too, and the books, especially!

blueviolet said...

I spent so much time reading those books to the kids! How fun it's on tv now!

~Sandy~ said...

We read Richard Scarry books all the time. I love how detailed the pictures are ;) Great review!


Thanks for the review..

Anonymous said...

oo love his books and his cartoon from when I was a kid! Good to know that there are new ones out there for our kids :-)