Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Why I Now Love the Ultimate Cloth {A Winey Mommy Review}

There are parts of my bathroom mirrors that drive me insane.  No matter how many times I've used glass cleaner and towels/paper towels the top part would remain filled with streaks.  Kind of like a weird glass film.  And of course me being me?  I would always look at it and wonder why I could not get those stubborn streaks off--and this was growing up with my mom who showed me how to clean mirrors with no streaks.

Enter The Ultimate Cloth--let me just say that I will now use this to clean all of my homes mirrors, windows, glasses, my tile floor.  Seriously, all I had to do was run some warm water over the cloth, get it wet and wring out the water so no more would come out and fold it (I folded mine in 1/8s so when a surface got dirty I could use more than just two sides). 

I started with my bathroom mirror.  In a matter of seconds the streaks?  They were gone!  I next used another side of The Ultimate Cloth for my bedroom mirror.  Once again?  I was impressed!  No more smudges, streaks, fingerprints.  They were gone, vanished.  I also did the guest bathroom, backdoor, and all television screens. 

Leo thought it was one of the coolest things to clean with.  And you can do so much more than just clean mirrors and windows (and remember, no chemicals needed--which is great for anyone with dry skin, eczema or sensitive skin.  Not to mention a green choice for cleaning.).  The The Ultimate Cloth can be used to clean stainless steel, chrome, Plasma tv screens, camera lens, all hardwood/laminate/ceramic tile floors, leather and SO much more.  If you are wanting to sanitize a surface you can use bleach water.

To clean you can either handwash it or wash with laundry detergent (no fabric softener).  You then just let it air dry.  Easy, no?  And such a wonderful option to cut back on money spent and a green alternative on cleaning choices.

These would be wonderful to buy for others--a great stocking stuffer, wonderful to keep in your car, under the bathroom/kitchen sink.  They come in two sizes: standard (2 for $10) and supersize badboy (1 for $9). 

Thank you to The Ultimate Cloth for letting me review their amazing product!  I loved opening it and getting to work cleaning--and I'm sure my husband thanks you, too.

**I received The Ultimate Cloth in order to write an honest review of the product.  All opinions above are based on my experience with The Ultimate Cloth.  No other compensation was received.**


Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

When I read your title I thought you were giving cloth diapers a shot!!

Krystyn said...

I've got mine to try out...I'm hoping I love it, too!

SavvyGirl said...

Hi Chelle:

Thank you for coming over to Savvygirl & Co. Jewelry to say hello! I love your site!! Fun to meet you. Cydney (SavvyGirl)