Monday, March 1, 2010

Introducing the New Proactiv {A Winey Mommy Review}

I honestly think my skin is worse now than when I was a teenager. I know I've talked about it before--and it usually hits postpartum. I have tried numerous products since the birth of Madelyn and nothing was working for me. It was frustrating...and embarrassing. Here I was 30 years old with breakouts. Ugh!

When I got the chance to try out and review the new Proactiv line I was really excited. I've seen the commercials with the different celebrities on them and I've felt a little relieved that everyone is susceptible to getting plagued by pimples. With the release of the new Proactiv Micro-Crystal Technology products there will be new celebrity faces, too--which I think is awesome. I think after so many times of seeing the same spokesman the message gets redundant. Two of the new celebrity faces you'll be learning about are Katy Perry and Avril Lavigne.

Proactiv Solution is the world's best selling acne system--it's a leader in both acne prevention and acne treatment. It offers everyone a chance at clear and healthier looking skin. It now has micro-crystal benzoyl peroxide and utilizes combination therapy to target the root causes of what actually causes us to get pimples--bacteria, oil production and dead skin cell build up. Their new line is advertised as working faster as well as being gentler on your skin. That's a huge plus for me--I have eczema and very sensitive skin so a lot of products are too harsh on my skin. After using the new Proactiv cleansing system my skin wasn't dried out or irritated. This was after 5 days of use and using it both morning and nite.

They offer the 3 step cleansing system: Step 1 is cleanse--it feels a little grainy which is excellent in removing your dead skin cells. Step 2 is a toner--you place a small amount on a cotton ball and cover your face. I loved how it felt after washing and rinsing the cleanser off--it made my face feel so cool and clean. Step 3 is the treatment. You apply a pea sized amount on your finger tip and cover your entire face. You don't rinse it off--it's meant to stay on and fight your acne.

Since using the new Proactiv line I've noticed a significant change in my skin. It's great to not feel self conscious about being a 30 year old with pimples. The products don't have a harsh smell to them and they don't burn or sting my skin. I would recommend to anyone that is having acne problems to try it out. You can purchase it by logging onto the Proactiv website or by calling {888}819-2019. They also have skin care advisors available 24/7 by calling 1-800-950-4695 or you can visit

I received the above product in order to conduct this review and give my honest opinion to my readers. The above experience was my own and may not reflect everyone's experience with the product. Thank you to The Product Review Place for making this awesome review possible!


The Mommyologist said...

I was so curious to read your review and I'm so glad their new product is working for you! I used the old Proactiv for a while and now I"ve been using SkinLogics by BeautiControl for about a year, which seems to be working pretty well. If anything changes, I will go back to Proactiv for sure after reading your review!

Krystyn said...

I never tried the new one, but the old one dried my skin out so bad it was like it was on fire. So, I haven't used it again.

Nick, Ali and Kendall said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Proactive! I have struggled with acne since I turned 12 and tried EVERYTHING on the shelf and even went to a dermatologist twice a month to have chemical peals and every topical agent they could muster up!
I tried proactive and was amazed!! It really helped my skin! Another thing that I have found to help keep my skin clear is taking krill oil, its not fish oil and it doesn't leave that fishy smell in your mouth either! Those two combined have made all the difference for me! GO PROACTIVE!

Sarah said...

I totally still get zits. Hate it! I would love to try it out. Maybe I should order it!