Saturday, August 9, 2008

Are We Ready?

Leo blows my mind sometimes. Out of the park. Out of this world.

Out of the blue he will say something that is so not up his alley.

Sometimes he'll say things that would more likely come out of my alley.

Sometimes he'll say something that goes like this:

Him: "Babe, you know...when (insert step daughter's name here) leaves, Isabella is going to be lonely. She's going to miss having someone to play with."

Me: "Yes, honey. You are right. Poor Isabella. Guess I need to get out there and meet some other moms."

What I'm actually thinking: You mean I actually have to TALK to some of these women that I see at the park?! Nope. No way. Not happening. I tried to join a "Mom's Playgroup" when we first moved to this small town. Before I could even go to a meetup they e-mailed that they were too full for new members. WTF?! How do you overflow a freaking playgroup that has 90+ members?!?! Do you NOT remember any of that, Leo? And now you want me to get to know them?? Thanks, but no. No way. Not now. Not EVER.

Him: "No honey. I think she needs a little brother or sister."

Me: "Are you serious?!?!"

Him: "Yeah, I am."

Me: "Okay. Well, okay."

What's even crazier was this was during this week.

You know, teething hell?

But you know what my friends?

I think we may be ready.

Because honestly, are any of us ever really, actually, truly ready?


Jennifer said...

How old is your little girl?
I just lol because we had the same talk this week:) I am not ready to try yet! Hope all goes well.

The Mom said...

That's a big step and only you will know in your heart when you're ready. Good luck and it will all work out, truly!

Krystyn said...

No, you never will be ready! But you just do it, and it all works out (ask me again in 10 weeks when the second is here, though)!!!

gina said...

Wanting is as good as being ready. ;) That 's as "ready" as it gets.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...


Move to KS right now.

We will have playdates

And we will both love it:)

As for being ready for another one. Nope, you're never ready, but once that little one is on it's way you will totally forget how easy life was with just one! For us, baby 2 has actually been a little easier then baby 1.

I'll be waiting for the happy news!

Patrice said...

How exciting!
Sorry you're having trouble finding "play mates" I hope you have better luck this time! And I'm sure Bella will be perfectly happy playing with her momma!

Becks said...

Awe that gave me goosebumps! I am so excited for you guys!! Love that your husband said that to you!

And you should find a low key moms group. If we lived near each other I would drag you to meet my mom friends. You just have to find moms on the same page as you! Then its lots of fun!

Have fun "trying" for the second!!

Anonymous said...

Can I sign up for the playdates with Heather? this is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

...I just wanted to say don't get discouraged:-)

amanda said...

agree with heather.

maybe you could just move right in between us...playdates galore!!

as for the "are we ready" more power to you sister!!

bella will be a wonderful big sister someday...

Anonymous said...

I had 2 accidents!! We never even discussed having children- So I am not the person you wanna be asking!
Needless to say, the POND children are much loved!

jOni lAnE said... neat that he suggested it. Although, it's easier for them to say they want one, they don't have to carry for 9+ months or actually push the kid out. Easier said than done. ;) You are right though, when are you ever "really" ready? Sounds like you are to me! :)

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Wow! Isn't it usually the mommy getting the pangs for another one? How sweet Leo is!

Sorry you are having trouble meeting new moms - are there any local story times or stuff like that? I met some great moms that way.

A too-full moms group? Ridiculous!

You can come to RI anytime and we'll be happy to play too!

Bella is going to make a great big sister whenever the time is right for all of you!

BTW, I noticed that you JUST tried Motrin - AKA mommy's best friend (besides benadryl). I can't believe your pediatrician didn't suggest that to you sooner! Glad it helped!

Angelique said...

No - you're NEVER truly ready :) Even though my last two were planned I was still sick to death when I found out I was actually expecting again. I guess that's what they call shock! It will be great when it's all said and done, tho. How exciting for you!!!

Allison R said...

Congratulations...I think ;) I say if you're ready, go for it.

Jenny said...

yeah!! how exciting would that be! my girlfriend says it is so much easier to do it closer together b/c the second one learns so much from the older sibling. they get potty trained earlier and so forth.
hey..if you are ready..go for it!

Mamasphere said...

Yay! Another baby may soon be on the way! That's so exciting.

If only I could lose the stinking weight, I'd be in the same club.

Elaine A. said...

It's just like with the first one, there's never the "best" time. I say go for it if you feel in your hearts you are ready. Two is so much fun! : ) (now 3 might be another story...)

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

yah i would NOT be going to a playgroup that did that to me. nor would i want to get to know any of those women! even if they didn't know their group was being mean and not letting the new moms in... they're guilty by association!

and goodness knows, i have no idea how to tell if you're ready for a baby... but you're right... it's probably hard to ever really know! and i'm sure that when you do, you will never ever regret it :)

Leslie said...

omg!!! That's so exciting! And so sweet of your hubby to mention it. awwww~ Now having two little ones myself I can totally tell you it's incredibly wonderful. I think you should go for it! Good luck with your decision! Even if you aren't sure of the timing, when it's right, it will happen. (((hugs)))
And so happy for you guys!

Kelli said...

Wow! You've got all kinds of exciting things going on this week...a nap, a first step, talks of another baby...very cool.

Sorry about the playgroup situation over there. Geez. Have you ever tried a library story time? I started taking my daughter around Isabella's age. There are usually some pretty laid back moms to chat with. The park is a good place to meet other moms though...just compliment another mom's shoes or sunglasses or their kid's outfit. That usually breaks the ice. :)

Wendi said...

You have been busy!
And I am not talking about the baby making busy...I mean my reader says 15 new posts!
Didn't I say no good blogging til I return?
You, my friend, did not listen!

Love that hubby is ready for another baby.
That is always helpful.
Can't wait to hear more about this exciting news!