Monday, August 11, 2008

For a Moment We Were Flying

I remember when I was a little girl and how much I loved to swing.

At recess I would swing the entire time. I was shy and quiet--never really got into the loud crowd in elementary school.

The swings were the perfect playground toy for me.

I would kick my legs harder and harder until I was so high that I felt like I was flying.

For those few moments I really, truly was.

When it was summer vacation I would swing all day every day.

My sister and I would sing the theme song to The Neverending Story.

We would sing it until we we were hoarse.

We would sing it until we were swinging so high there was nothing else for us to do but to be lost in that moment.

For those summer days we were flying.

This past Saturday we went to the park.

Remember how I got to choose something fun to do?

I chose lots of fun things for us and my favorite fun thing that we did was going to the park.

I had my husband.

I had my daughter.

I had my step-daughter.

Life was perfect.

Nobody else was at the park.

Nobody but us.

The temperature was warm, but not too warm.

There was a slight breeze that made for a perfect afternoon of family time.

I sat down in a swing and intended to just swing back and forth with my toes dragging beneath me.

I sat down in a swing and had no idea about the flood of memories, happy memories, that would flood my head.

As I started swinging higher and higher I looked over to my sweet, sweet Isabella.

She was swinging, too.

And while I watched her swing I had a thought come to me.

There we both were, making new memories.

Memories that would never leave my head.

Because at that moment, we were both flying.

And flying our journey of life together.


Simply Shannon said...

That is so sweet! I used to love to swing too (doesn't every little girl?), last time I got on a swing it made me sick to my stomach though. Stupid inner-ear issues!
I'm glad that you got to make such a lovely memory with your daughter.

Jennifer said...

Very Sweet:)

Jenny said...

how sweet! makes me think of the moments like that that I shared with my sister.
what a great memory you will have indeed!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

that is soo sweet :) i remember swinging being one of my favorite memories too... i always remember what my dad says, "these are the good old days right now!"

Patrice said...

This is a beautiful post! I do remember loving to swing as a little girl! I still love it! haha What great memories!

gina said...

Thanks for sharing your sweet moment.

Jill and Rick said...

I love it. Here's to making many more priceless memories with your girl.

Love you.


amanda said...

who knew the little things would turn out to be such big things :)

Vashey Fam said...

Chelle, I love how eloquently you put that. It took me right back to my swinging days. I am so excited for you that Bella is walking!!! Isn't it a proud moment? I mean, it's not like you *really* had a hand in it, but you can't help feeling it! Oh, by the way, I've had the hardest time leaving comments. I tried twice last week and the comment page wouldn't ever show up.

Elaine A. said...

What a lovely post and such great memories. I have fond memories of my Daddy pushing me "high into the sky!" and me trying to touch the tree branches with my feet. Ah, to be young again. I guess we still can be through our kids...

p.s. I tagged you...

Carol said...

Oh goodness I nearly cried.

Really beautiful post Chelle!

The Nice One said...

How beautiful. Really nicely written. You've reminded me to enjoy the simpler things with my kids. Thank you.

anti-supermom said...

Great post. I love how you circled it from your sister to your own immediate family. Well written.

Kelli said...

I'm all teary-eyed. Beautiful reflection. I just love those moments. Sounds like you had a wonderful day together.

Allison R said...

This is so sweet. Meg and I swing on her swingset often. I hope she'll have wonderful memories like you!

Krystyn said...

How sweet! I love making new memories together, too.

Clare said...

soooo sweet!!! love your story about growing up, and now with your daughter:)

Leslie said...

Enjoy those lovely moments with your daughter and cherish the sweet memories! Loved this post!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Awesome. What a great post to be able to share with your little princess when she's older!

There is something so freeing about swinging . . . higher, and higher!

grandma and grandpa said...

Chelle, loved your post today too. Reminds me of when your family moved to the little house next door and grandpa put that rope swing up on that high branch in the tree. Do you remember?? Your mom liked it too! Also brings back the days when little brother Ricky would go out every morning and swing and swing AND sing and sing. Those were the good ole days. Soon Isabella will have those kinds of memories and hopefully you are helping Ashley have some too.
love you, grandma and grandpa

Anonymous said...

I love it when it's only my daughters, my husband, and I with the park all to ourselves. Like you said, those memories will never fade.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What a great post! Perfect!

Stacy (mama-om) said...

What a very lovely post! (found you through McMommy's POW)