Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Pee Jinxer

I know we've all been there.

Kinda bragging, kinda excited, kinda glad it's all over.

No, I'm not talking about childbirth.

I'm talking housebreaking....our puppies.

Now for those of you who don't/haven't had a puppy, listen to these wise words, "Don't rush it."

Just like your parents told you when you turned 18 and tried to grow up oh so fast.

Just don't rush it.

Why do you ask?

Because trying to raise my daughter and housebreak Daisy has been a nightmare a lot harder than I thought.

It gets so hard with housebreaking that Leo is constantly reminding me that he isn't the one who begged and begged for a puppy. He then reminds me that it was me who wanted the puppy.

No matter how many times I try to explain that it was all for Isabella. That she is the one who wanted the puppy to grow up with and always have by her side.

That may have worked if Isabella could speak in full sentences.

Anyway, back to the point of this post.

My whole point is yesterday while talking to my mom. I was so excited telling her that we may finally have a housebroken puppy. (They have a brand new puppy, too--go check out her blog--simply adorable).

My mom was really excited for me knowing how difficult this is.

I like to think that I was somewhat encouraging to her.

Kind of like the light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel.

Well, mom, keep looking. Because our light is not shining for you anymore.

After we hung up the phone it was play time with Daisy. Isabella and I were throwing her toy and she was playing fetch. We were laughing, shrieking with fun and have a grand 'ol time.

Until Daisy did it. She peed. On the floor. Right in front of me. While looking me in my eyes.

So, mom, I take it all back. She's not housebroken yet.

Leo has now informed me that I am a jinxer.

The pee jinxer.


Jenny said...

Oh so funny! it is definitely not easy to house break a dog. I give you props for getting a puppy now. there is no way that I could do it and take care of Will.

Jill and Rick said...

OH NOOOO! I am so ready for Wrigley to be housebroken! Speaking of which, she's in the kitchen now and I better go make sure all is still dry and clean!

Don't give up!

Love you all,


Anonymous said...

Lizzard is SEVEN and still pees, but she is a rescue dog and peeing is the least of our "issues". Best of luck.

Patrice said...

Oh gosh this reminds me of a story I read on another blog about the same type of thing.. except they were potty training their toddler.. so at least your not doing that & house breaking a dog... good luck!

Elaine A. said...

This is one of the reasons I won't get a puppy, I hate cleaning up after them. But they are OH SO cute. Good luck, I hope that this was just a one time thing...

Jennifer said...

Thank you for the heads up:) LOL
Now I know, we will pass on the dog thing until Sean is older:)

amanda said...

uhm not so much of a puppy person my friend - but too funny.

i mean i know it's not funny. but it still makes me giggle.

silly daisy looking you right in the eye!!

Kelli said...

You just reaffirmed my reason for not giving in and getting a puppy despite my daughter's begs and pleas. Before we had kids, we had puppies. Two of them. Long haired chihuahuas. (Yes, there is such thing.) Very cute, but very high maintenance, and very prone to peeing all over everything. Oh...it was not fun. I'm sure your pup will get the hang of it soon though. In the meantime, you can get doggie diapers at PetSmart - do they have those in Mississippi?
I'm totally serious....desperate times call for desperate measures. haha! Good luck! :)

Monica said...

I'm guessing your dog is female? Our male dog was housebroken in a weekend. Sophie, our female, took about 7 months. I hear this is normal for girl dogs... Good luck and don't give up!

Mamasphere said...

I remember housebreaking the puppy I got when I was 11. It was traumatic for us all! And took such a long time. It wall worked out in the end, though. Hang in there!

Leslie said...

rofl, the pee jinxer. I've been there and don't want to do that. Especially with trying to potty train these two monkeys over here. Maybe in several years I might head down that road. Maybe......