Monday, August 25, 2008

Mini Monday

So much has been happening over here in my part of the world.

First, my laptop is broken, which causes me to be forced to use the desktop computer.

It is so much harder to find time to post now!!

The good news is I have lots of posts for this week.

Hopefully tonight I will write them ahead of time and that will be that.

There will be lots of pictures.

A gift I got in the mail...ahem, Kristen...

A tale of my dinner party. Which, by the way, was amazing.

But here are some mini happenings that I want to share:

1) Two of my little sisters started school today. Ashlie started kindergarten and Allie started pre-k. My poor Mom has had a hard week with one of my brothers moving away to college and now two of my little sisters are starting school. Chelle is proud of you Ashlie and Allie! And you too, Mom--I love you!

2) Leo's XBox 360 broke. At first I was doing a happy dance because I can't stand video games. But after seeing how sad he was I am buying him a new one.'s a secret!

3) I have no idea what I am going to do for Isabella's first birthday. Which is in barely over a month. At first I was going to have it be all fall themed and stuff. But today I got a magazine in the mail. A first birthday magazine and I. am. drooling. It is all girlie and pink and fun. Basically everything I am! I think I am going to go all out and get the 1st birthday stuff. You only turn 1 once, right? So it's okay to be over the top, pink and balloons everywhere....right?

4) Big news in the Bella world. First, she has been sleeping with Leo and I ever since she was born. We love(d) it. More of I loved it, but Leo said now is the time for her to sleep in her crib. So we rearranged our room, moved her crib in there and she slept in it last night. She slept from a little before 8 until 3 this morning. I am so proud of her! It was hard on me, though. I missed having her next to me, but it was nice to snuggle up next to my honey.

5) And the other big Bella news? She took four steps in a row this morning. My jaw dropped! She had been doing a step here, a step there. But four? In a row? Wow!

That's it for my mini-post. I'm off to check out your blogs now!


Mrs. Newlywed said...

Yay for the walking!

Pink + girly sounds great!

Leslie said...

Aren't you just a sweetie! That's really sweet of you consdering that you don't like him playing much. Aww... glad little sisters are starting school. Can't wait to hear about the rest of your week. And I agree, you only turn 1 once! Go for it, enjoy the planning of her party. Happy that she is doing well in her crib!

The Nice One said...

Wow, you are so nice. If our XBox broke, I would have the biggest party ever.
Congrats to the little walker and sleeping in her own bed!!!!!!

Angelique said...

All my babies have slept with us and I love it for the first few months...then I'm so over it and want my husband back! lol But at that point the kids are addicted to my bed. We did the crib in our room, too, with Cole and it was a really good transition for when we moved him into his own room - at almost 1 :)

Oh, and I'm so glad the only person who uses our XBox is my oldest. Dh doesn't play video games

:::doing my happy dance:::

McMommy said...

Yes, yes, yes..go all out for the 1st Birthday!!!!! All girly girl...I love it!

And hooray for 1st steps!!

gina said...

They are only one once- go for it! And by the sounds of it she's growing every day. :)

Jaime said...

I just ran across your blog and it's fun. I have a little girl that is the same age--just barely turned one. Her birthday was so much fun! We did polka dot everything, and that was great. Good luck.

Jennifer said...

Way to go Bella:)

Clare said...

Yay for the little walker!!! That is so exciting, just wait she will be running soon. BTW, love the camera!! awesome!

amanda said...

*a gift from kirsten in the mail? how cool are you??

*happy first day to your two little sisters. and hugs to your mom - i can't imagine the roller coaster she is on!!

*you really are two sweet about the xbox - that's true love friend.

*uhm which magazine with the bday stuff?? must. go. get. it. but i agree - must go all out!! i wasn't going to either, but then i realized they really only do turn one once!

*and congrats all around on the bella news - walking and sleeping solo?? such a big girl :)

Krystyn said...

Awww...Bella is growing up!

And, yes, she only turns 1 once!

How does one go about getting a gift in the mail?

Mamasphere said...

We still partially co-sleep. We put Gabi to bed in her bed, but when she wakes up she can climb in with us. It works great- I can snuggle with my husband when we go to bed, then I can snuggle with my baby later on!

The White House said...

What a fun idea to go all out and girly for the little walker's birthday party! I think it is great. I am such a slacker, with McClaine I did the lamest first birthday, I thought I would bring out the goods for number 2, and alas, it was fun.

Becks said...

I cant wait to decorate for the fist Birthday!! Over the top and pink pink pink all the way!! I bought Sophia a butterfly cake pan just yesterday.

Way to go Bella for taking four steps that is awesome!!!

jOni lAnE said...

Walking and turning one? Aye yiah yiah. They grow up tooooo fast. Before you know it, she'll be in school.

Becks said...

P.S. what magazine did you get with all the ideas?? Maybe I need to get it?!!!

Shannon said...

Wow - walking already!!! How fantastic - and a birthday coming up soon, too - and little sisters starting school too . . . all sorts of big things lately :-)

Susan said...

Gotta go with lots of pink and balloons! So exciting about the first steps. Before you know it she'll be walking all over!

Wendi said...

Loved hearing these little snipets of your life!
Sorry to hear about the laptop.
Hope she gets well soon.
A dinner party?
Do. tell.
And post photos.
You have young fun!
Another XBox?
You. are. a. good. woman.
Go all out for Bella's birthday.
The pinker the better.
Do what you want her to have now.
One day she will have an opinion.
Then it will be what she wants.
Four steps?
Life as you know it is over.
Let the falling and bruising begin.