Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Good Luck, Baby Brother


I cannot believe I am typing this.

I cannot believe you leave on Wednesday.

The time has come for you to begin your transition into an adult.

In my mind I have always pushed this day out of my mind, out of my head, out of my thoughts.

I think in my own way I was trying to not see the inevitable. You have grown up.

In May I proudly watched you walk down and get your diploma.

I stood proud knowing how well you have always done in school, knowing all of your accomplishments and knowing everything you will achieve in the future.

Do you know I remember so vividly about when you were born?

I remember Mom going to the hospital.

I remember wearing my alley cat t-shirt that had neon puffy paint on it. Man I loved that shirt!

I remember seeing you and oohing and ahhing over you.

I think we thought you were our own personal and alive baby doll.

I remember spoiling you rotten when you were little.

I remember how we used to sneak you out of your crib at naptime because we could hear you talking in your room--Kristi and I KNEW you weren't tired and that all you really wanted was to play with your big sisters.

I remember how sweet you were (and still are) and how much you loved your big sisters.

I remember being so protective over you.

I remember your first crush on Kelly Taylor from down the street.

I remember you playing sports and how great you were at them.

I remember taking you to the mall.

I remember taking you to get ice cream.

I remember how your face would light up after seeing what Santa brought you.

I wish you luck at Mizzou, Adam.

I know you will not need it, but I think it's always nice to have a little extra luck laying around just in case.

I can't wait to send you your first care package. I hope you like it and I hope you won't be too embarrassed getting stuff from your big sis.

We love you, baby brother.

I can't wait to hear all of your fun stories about college.


Your most favorite oldest sis


Belle said...

Oh I fell SO old. You're sending a little brother out into the big world and I just sent two children!!

Simply Shannon said...

Awwwwww, that's so sweet!
Good luck Adam!

Jill and Rick said...

Mornin' Chelle! We're up (later than planned) and getting ready to go! I'll make sure I leave your page up for Adam to see. :-)

Love you!


Susan said...

Awww, that's awesome! Sounds like a great, loving relationship. My sister-in-law just left for her first days at school yesterday.

Jill and Rick said...

Chelle!!! thank you sooo much!!! i love u too i would write more, but i gotta do some last minute packing, so peace...ill call u on my way to school.

love you


amanda said...

awwww - honey your lil bro wrote back :) how sweet is that??

isn't it crazy when the lil bro's grow up into big bros??

such a wonderful sister you are :)

best wishes to your favorite little brother!!

Wendi said...

AWWWW...too sweet!
There is obviously lots of love in your family.
And your little brother commented...what a thoughtful guy!
Good luck Adam!

Krystyn said... sweet! He'll do well.

And, puffy paint! That's some good stuff.

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

this is so sweet :) i tried to do this for my brother's bday... but then i didn't. maybe next year!

The Mom said...

What a loving tribute to your brother! You seem to have a great bond! Good luck Adam!

The White House said...

What a sweet meme to your little brother. Hope he has a great year. Don't you hate watching people grow up? Makes me feel old, too.

gina said...

How nice! Good Luck Adam!!

Mrs. Newlywed said...

awww what a cute post :)

ps: check my blog. you have received something from me, dear.

Mamasphere said...

That was so sweet!

I was 19 when my youngest sister was born. She still has a few years before she heads out on her own like your brother, but as the time draws closer I get more sentimental about having been able to watch her grow up from my adult perch.

Jenny said...

wow! way to go little bro...good luck in college. you must be such a proud sister.
keep us posted on his college adventures! where exactly is his school?
Hope you are having a great day!

Leslie said...

What a sweet sister you are! Love this post! Good luck Adam!

Patrice said...

This is sucha sweet post! You're sucha sweet big sister! It would definitely be a small world if we happened to run into each other at a ft. ball game or something! I might have to drive down to Mizzou more often to even my odds! lol Such a sweet post!! Good Luck, Adam!

Anonymous said...

He is SUCH a doll! Congrats and Good Luck!