Monday, August 4, 2008

Push Me High...High Into the Sky

Don't you love summer mornings that just scream out, "Come outside! Come see what I have to offer! I promise you won't be disappointed!"

This morning we did exactly that.

We went on an adventure.

Nothing that required a lot of gas or money.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

We went to the park.

And not just any park. The new park. The new park that is right down the street from us.

I keep asking myself, how did we get so lucky to get this fabulous park so close, so new, so perfect?

It will be perfect for birthday parties.

Perfect for momma's needing to have a fun, cheap activity to entertain their nearly-one-year-old 10 month old little girl.

We packed up our puppy and headed out. (Keep in mind we're driving due to heat, humidity, 2 children and a puppy--I wasn't about to tackle that good time on my own without any help from Leo).

When we got there we were the only ones around. I don't think many people realize that this new treasure is open.

It was a morning well spent, my friends.

Isabella was swinging high into the sky, letting me know when she was not getting pushed high enough.

Her step-sister was playing, running and sliding down slides with Daisy.

I took a lot of fun pictures, because after all, that's what us momma's do best right? This momma also pushed her little girl higher and higher into the sky, bounced her on her first pelican bouncer and took that same little one on her first spiral slide ride.

It was the best hour I have spent in a long time.

Sometimes all I need to see is my little one laughing, giggling and having the time of her life.

That is what this momma lives for.


Kristen said...

Oh her little hair bow is just too adorable!!

So glad to hear you had a wonderful time!

Kristi said...

Bella is looking more like you every day! It looks like you all had a great time - I'm jealous!!

Patrice said...

So cute! Sounds like lots of fun! Thanks for the advice about not censoring myself.. you're so right! I keep forgetting that this blog is really for me, and bloggy friends like you are just an added bonus! That's so cool your brother is going to Mizzou!! Im like 30 mins away from there! You should tell him to start a blog & then we can totally be bloggy friends & meet up @ a ft. ball game or something!
Ok i'm getting ahead of myself!! haha I kid.. unless you'll actually do it ;-) hahaha!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! My kids love the park-It just too hot to go right now!

amanda said...

sounds like a wonderful hour :)

and the hair bow is just too, too cute!! bella wouldn't be willing to share any hair would she??

Jill and Rick said...

Love the park pictures! I'm jealous; we'd melt in this heat at the park right now. Did Daisy like it too?

Clare said...

thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I love the post, you daughter is so cute, and it looks like you had such a great time at the park. yeah, for fun summer outings:) XO, Clare

great gma said...

Love all of the new pictures and reading your blog! It sure helps us keep track of the goings on at your place! I'm not sure I completely agree with Kristi on Bella's pictures. I was going to write you that there are some pics she looks so much like you did and then, like some of those yesterday, she looks a lot like her daddy I think! Sooo, I think she has the best features of each of you and that can't get much better, right?
She is changing so much! Love you all, and hugs to sweet little Bella from her great gma and gpa!!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

The bow!! Oh, the bow... It is perfection on top of her beautiful head!


Wendi said...

sounds perfect!
great photos!