Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Under My Skin

This post will probably be different than my usual posts.

Maybe it's the fact that it has poured down rain for three days straight.

Maybe it's because the teething is still happening with 3:30 wakeups.

Maybe it's because the people across the street got their home broke into.

In broad daylight.

(Just a sidenote--of course that would happen when I had an appointment on base today. I could have been a hero! I could have been a witness! I could have been my own neighborhood watch! But I wasn't. *sigh*)

I have found that I know certain people who don't really practice what they preach.

Not going into details, but it gets on my nerves.

And for me to blog about it?

That must really be saying something.

My blog is about my life. My family's life. My daughter's life.

One thing that I cannot stand is when a person will act fake.

Say one thing yet do another.

I cannot stand it when a person wants you to believe a certain thing yet how they treat you or act towards to you is different. Very, very different.

And the thing that I hate the most?

Is when this happens when NOBODY else is looking.

Not a soul. Just me.

Basically it boils down to me looking like a whiner.

A crybaby.

Somebody who is too sensitive.

But let me say one thing.

I am known of those.

Do not tell others something that you should be saying to my face.

Do not make me out to be selfish and unkind when maybe all I need to do is start showing you a mirror.

Or recording what is happening.

I am a nice, sweet, caring person.

And I do not deserve any of this.

Not one bit.


I feel better now.

I will hopefully now sleep better at night knowing that this is all out there.

***Note--this is in no way related to anyone who reads my blog. I love you all and don't want anyone to take this the wrong way! It's just something that has bothered me for awhile and I have finally found a therapeutic way to get it all out and breathe a little easier.***


amanda said...

would you be surprised my dear long lost sister if i said i totally understand.


totally get it.


Jill and Rick said...

Sounds like this has not been a good week, and I'm sorry hon.

Love you.


Susan said...

I hope this made you feel better!
I have been trying to figure out a way to vent about my awful sister-in-law who may or may not visit my blog on occasion. Ugh!
Teething is awful, but it will be over before you know it.

grandma and grandpa said...

Chelle, was surprised and upset that you are having such a hard time -- this week? today? Anyway, sure can tell today wasn't a good day for you! People like that aren't worth wasting your time worrying about (that's what gpa always tells me :-)) Unless it is a close family member than we have to try our best to try and understand what causes someone to be that way. Really, just try to look at the good things you have and don't worry about this person right now. Tomorrow is a new day..
Gpa and I love you and hope tomorrow is a much better day!
Sorry so long!
Much love to you all!

Anonymous said...

okay- sounds good to me!

jOni lAnE said...

Get it out girl! Get it out. I'm glad it made you feel better. Sometimes all we need is a wall to vent. Glad we could be yours!

Shannon said...

I'm sorry. People really suck sometimes, and it sounds like you're dealing with some. I hope it gets better soon.

Jen E said...

You're right, you don't deserve any of this. ::hugs:: Hope it was cathartic getting this all out - that can be the best thing about having a blog some days :)

Jennifer said...

You are right:) I hope you feel better! Hugs< I wish we could meet face to face but this is fun.

Ps... I been up the last three nights with a teething toddler:)you have a friend going through the same thing.

Have a good day!

Kelli said...

Sometimes it's just good to vent. Chocolate always helps too. :)

The Nice One said...

I am glad you got it out.

Good for you!!!!

The Nice One said...

Oh can always e-mail me to get it out. Fo real. If y'all want to post anon to a blog, I can leave out e-mail addresses and screen names. I won't hog ALL the fun.