Thursday, August 21, 2008


Chillin' with my lion

Doing a sweet move

Ensuring Daisy had plenty of treats

Sorting out Daisy's food for her.


Jenny said... that sweet move! Will is taking notes.
Don't cause momma too much trouble!

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

good job Bella! way to help mommy keep up with feeding Daisy, she really needed a hand with some of the load ;)

Jill and Rick said...

Oh Bella, what a cute little stinker you are!

Love the pics, Chelle! & Love the fact that when Bella makes a mess you grab the camera instead of losing your cool. :-)

Love you,


Krystyn said...

Aw... isn't she sweet. Just wait until she can really help with the food. Izzy loves to feed our cat.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

What a helper!!

Susan said...

You sure do have your hands full with that little girl! At least she is trying to be helpful...??

Allison R said...

Such a sweet little helper. At least you know Daisy will pick up all that was dropped.

amanda said...

oh bella - you are such a wonderful mommy helper!!

you and beans really could be the bestest of friends :)

ps - love the shelf in her room!

Leslie said...

hahaha! What a little trouble maker you have there. But an insanely cute one~ Hey... did you get that white storage rack thingy at Target????

grandma said...

Chelle, have been loving all of Bella's pictures. What a busy cutie pie!! Hope your trip to TX went ok and you had a nice time. Loved your nice post to, I wrote him a long e-mail giving him advice to keep him out of trouble! You might know! We are very proud of him and know he will do great at college too!
love you all and miss you!
grandma and grandpa