Thursday, August 14, 2008


I got tagged by Patrice for a meme--and we all know how much I love a good meme!

This one is 7 things about me.

Only 7.

Except I am thinking this may be harder than I think since I have been doing meme's like crazy!

Here we go....

1) I have a phobia of hair that falls loose from a head. Especially when it's wet. Ew! The other day I was washing dishes and I felt a hair on the wash cloth. I nearly threw up. Ew. I am getting nauseated just thinking about it! I know it's weird, but it's true. This is why I don't like going to public pools, showering in a gym or anything where you know there will be an abundance of hair that has lost it's owner.

2) I love the magazine Real Simple. Love it. I imagine it is due to my secret love affair with The Container Store. I have never been to this store, but can spend hours online looking and drooling over everything they have. Containers. Organization. Everything has their own personal spot to belong=heaven.

3) My favorite drink when I go out to dinner is a margarita. On the rocks. Hold the salt. Yum. If I am at home relaxing I prefer a nice glass of white wine. Delish!

4) My fingernails are in the shape of a square. Not the tips, but my nail bed. I am always jealous of women who have those beautiful oval nail shape!

5) I prefer to read chick lit on most days. I can just lose myself in their world and get lost for awhile. It's so relaxing to me and they are light, romantic reads. What's not to like?!

6) I am a cat lover. I love my cat sooo much! We had two, but one passed away right before Christmas. It was horrible. Funny story about Boo. When we were coming to Mississippi from Turkey we had to stay the night in Baltimore. We got a taxi to our hotel and our taxi driver was very curious about Turkey. (We only had Boo--our cat, Sasha who passed away, was coming to the US with friends of ours. Long story). Anyhow, he was asking us about our cat and how she got to the States. We told him in her carrier and on the plane. He kept getting confused and asking if she had to have a passport. Lol! Maybe it was being 7 months pregnant, flying from Turkey to the US or just plain exhausted, but I busted out laughing--I kept picturing Boo's face on a picture in a passport--hehe! I still crack up about!

7) I love fall time. Maybe it's because it reminds me of brand new clothes, fresh crayons and brand spankin' new notebooks. Maybe it's because I have wonderful memories of going to the pumpkin farm as I grew up. Maybe it's the thought of apple crisp, cooler weather and hot apple cider. I love fall. I really miss living in Missouri during the fall--the changing colors on the leaves are beautiful! Bright reds, oranges, yellows. Someday I hope to live closer to the midwest again to enjoy the changing of the seasons.

Well, there you have my latest meme! I hope you didn't get too bored and/or think that I am a total dork....

As for who I'm gonna tag, I tag whoever wants to play. Just let me know in my comments so I can check out your meme....have fun!


Krystyn said...

Another fun one!

I like mine frozen with salt! And, dang it, I still have another 9 weeks before I can have one.

And, what is it about hair? It's okay when attached, but instantly disgusting once it detaches.

Jen E said...

The Container Store in real life is like even more amazing than the website - I saw the web site first and was like in love and spending hours there, but once you've been to the store... gah.... it's kind of like IKEA in that it's more like an "experience" than a "shopping trip"

:) It's kind of like "school supplies" for grown ups. I love school supplies btw. Sucks that my kid's only 2.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Uh oh you love cats? I'm not sure we can still be friends. I am such a dog person!

However, since you also have a love for margaritas I think I can forgive you:)

Shannon said...

Mmmmmm margaritas are YUMMY. But I guess we couldn't hang out in real life b/c I'm losing so much freaking hair since having my baby that I'm going to bald in another few weeks!!!!! I have hair falling out of my head as I walk - I would totally freak you out ;-)

Kelli said...

Tagged again, huh? you are a popular chicka! And you still have all kinds of interesting facts!

Love the cat passport. Too funny. :)

Patrice said...

Great list! Thanks for playing!

I LOVE Margarita's (virgin one's of course) ;-)

You crack me up with the whole nail thing.. I'm pretty sure when you get a manicure they ask you if you want oval or square. Oh, wait I think thats only if you get fake nails.. hmm woops! haha

Good story about the cat- that's really funny!

Belle said...

I'm with you 100% on Real Simple and Fall. I can hardly wait for crisp fall mornings and chilly football games.

Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

i may do this... buuut... i may not have time either!

the hair thing... i don't fully understand the all out phobia, but i can offer you an apology, knowing that i lost about 2/3 of my total hair last summer, there were sure to be unfortunate victims such as yourself stumbling upon my lost hair(s)

amanda said...

honey the hair thing cracks me up!!

but i am sooo with you on your love of real simple and fall. two of my all time favoritest things.

as for moving closer to the soon might i expect you to be my neighbor??

gina said...

Now I am going to sound like a real dork and say I didn't know the midwest had leaves that changed colors- I always assumed it was an east coast thing for the big deal people make about it here. I love fall too, I just did a post on it a few days ago...I'm ready for it. All done with summer. As for the container store- I've been inside it. Once. And had to quit cold turkey. No more store or online for me- I would have lost ht ehouse buying from that store. :)

Mamasphere said...

Hair that is not attached to a head is DISGUSTING. Somehow it always end up in my fridge. So gross.

The Container Store is my personal heaven. I love it! A bit expensive, but the organizer in me is willing to pay.

Elaine A. said...

That hair phobia thing is interesting, meaning I have never heard that one before!

I love Real Simple also but you may have known that from some of my posts... ; )

McMommy said...

Oh, I did this meme once upon a time!!!

Be happy that you don't suffer from a thyroid hair is falling in CLUMPS!

(oh no. Did I just make you gag? I'm sorry!)

Wendi said...

Love learning seven more things about you.
I completely agree with #2.
I am warning you.
Don't go.
If I go is hours before I come out.
And then it is only because they are turning out the lights and closing.
Thank goodness the closest one is a couple of hours away.

Lynette said...

I just did this meme too. And I never really thought about it before, but I've got a square nail bed too. (I've also got freakishly small hands, but I suppose that's a different story)