Friday, August 1, 2008

You Rock My World

I'm about to tell you a story. All characters are purely fictional and if any events seem like they could happen?

They probably did.

But remember...this is a story. Not something-that-happens-in-Chelle's-real-life.

Let me begin.

It all started on a Friday morning. This particular Friday morning was a hard one.


Because (lets call my character Molly) Molly was up late the nite before.

She was having all sorts of fun reading other people's POW posts. She read and commented until there were no new posts for a little while.

Molly then went to bed.

It was late, my friends.

A lot later than this momma usually stays up.

Close to 12:30 late. And this is after getting barely 6 hours of sleep the nite before due to an unfortunate event taking place in her home.

The event? It would be called teething.

As you can imagine this momma was mad at herself for staying up so late. But she loves reading blogs. Loves it.

Sometimes it is what can help get her through a really bad day.

Like she had yesterday.

When Molly woke up early this morning she made her coffee and started drinking it like she normally would.

Except this morning she needed something else.

Something that would just rock her world.

She wandered into the kitchen.

Bananas...No, too green.

Cantaloupe....No, it needs to cut. (Molly is not lazy. She just is tired, alright? No judgement!)

Yogurt....No thank you.

Cereal....No, nothing good is up there.

And then she spots what she needs. It's sitting right there on the counter.

Next to the bananas and next to that cantaloupe that needs cutting.

York. Peppermint. Patties.

Molly looks over her shoulder to make sure nobody is looking.

Then she remembers that her little girl would never judge her momma for grabbing that bag of chocolates. In fact, her momma probably seems so cool to her.

Molly also remembers that her husband is at work.

The coast is clear.

She heads off to the living room for some coffee, chocolate and Noggin.

Fridays don't get much better than this my friends.

They don't get much better.


Wendi said...

Love this story about your purely fictional friend.
Nothing says good morning like a little York Peppermint Pattie with your Noggin.
It's like real life!

Krystyn said...

Sounds like the perfect breakfast to me. Glad you didn't get caught.

Susan said...

You are a trip!
Some mornings just need to start with chocolate...believe me I know..I mean my fictional character knows!

carrie said...

Nothing wrong with a little chocolate for breakfast!


amanda said...

sounds like a perfectly delish friday morning to me friend :)

Jen E said...

I'd be eating them, too, if I had them - I hate finding breakfast for myself in the morning - everything looks so healthy and boring.

Jill and Rick said...

LOL, I've been there, Molly!

Love ya!


Amanda @ notsoextraordinary said...

oh snap! just this morning, the little boy i watch brought me one of those and wanted it for breakfast! I told him "NO" of course, and proceeded to confiscate it from him... and then ate it when he wasn't looking... heh heh heh... i'm such an evil nanny... and I'm NOT judging you at all... nope, not at all.

Mamasphere said...

Why did you do that? Now I have to add York Peppermint Patties to my cravings list!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

I like to call that the Breakfast of Champions - anything that involves chocolate, cake, candy, or the like. And that blog addiction Molly has? Oh yeah, I caught it a few months ago and I can't seem to stay clean.